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<group row-items="2">
   <data source="health"><label>Health</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="appetite"><label>Appetite</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="damage"><label>Damage</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="weight"><label>Weight</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="stamina"><label>Stamina</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="speed"><label>Speed</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="nightvision"><label>Nightvision</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>
   <data source="turn"><label>Turn</label> <default>''Unknown''</default> </data>