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Hello! This page is for Community Central issues (see the guide below). For global issues, please contact Fandom Staff.

  • You can find us on our Reports Discord server:
  • You can also send message to an admin through their Message wall (a list of admins can be found here).
  • Inappropriate images: user has many images that are disruptive, pornographic or shock
  • Excessive images: user has many irrelevant/junk images
  • Rude messages: user has made threats, harassment, rude behaviour within Community Central
  • Off topic threads: user has made gibberish/nonsense thread posts
  • Vandalism: user has removed useful content or added spammy content on pages or posts. For cross wiki issues, please use the VSTF Wiki.
  • Any other disruption, such as sockpuppetry
Do NOT report:
  • Spam: Feel free to report spam here, but for proper cleanup please use the VSTF Wiki.
  • Unused Files: Will be done in bulk later, no need to report here.
  • New blogs: We go through blogs a couple of times a week.

Format: {{Report|username|reason}}
Example: {{Report|SayuriDarling|Sending too many gifs}}

Place all reports below the header.

Reports Edit

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