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Community Central

This is a list of Community Central's policies. For policies that cover Fandom as a whole see Fandom Policies.

These policies can also be used as rules for other wikis.

Key Policies for Community Central

Rules to follow on Community Central

We have some general rules that apply to you if you want to join the conversation. These are in addition to those that apply to all wikis. Click here to see them.

Rules for our Forums

To keep the forums fun for everyone, we have some rules, you can read them here.

Key Etiquette for Community Central

Assume good faith

We're here to help each other, and we come from different places and cultures - it is a key belief in wiki culture is that most people are good. Read more on this wiki philosophy.

A note about spelling and grammar

Finding the right language can be difficult sometimes, so we created a guide on what's most prefered on Community Central. Click here to see them.

How to design your user page - and how not to

While it's awesome to express yourself freely, we have a few rules on what is allowed and what needs to be avoided on your user page to be acceptable on Community Central. Here's a full guide to that.