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If you have a wiki community looking for the benefits of being part of Fandom, we can help you through every stage of the move, which is often easy to do. If you want to give your wiki a stable home, then Fandom can provide that. If you're looking for ways to grow your userbase or increase your traffic, Fandom can help your wiki to reach the next level.

We have a lot of experience with moving wikis to Fandom, so there's no need to be concerned about such a move. Both large and small wikis have moved to Fandom. Larger examples include WoWWiki, Lostpedia, LyricWiki, and the German WebsiteWiki.

Fandom offers free wiki hosting to all communities to create content about whatever topic they are passionate about.

The FAQ below is for users of a wiki that is not yet part of the Fandom Network.

If you're not already a member of a wiki, you are welcome to or create a new Wiki.

We can also help you to convert a non-wiki site to a wiki, so contact us if you'd like to turn your Google site, Webs, or another site into a Fandom wiki.

FAQ Edit

What's better about Fandom? Edit

At Fandom, you are part of a large wiki community and have the support of staff and helpers whenever you need it.

Fandom is free! Free in terms of money, and also in terms of freedom. All content on Fandom wikis is released under a free license - the company does not claim any copyright over the content - it will always belong to the community who are free to use it, edit it, download it, redistribute it, or whatever they like.

Fandom runs on MediaWiki and has a lot of extra features and skin designs developed especially for our wikis.

Fandom is run on stable servers with offsite backups in multiple locations so you never to worry about losing all the content you've worked so hard on.

There are no limits to the size your wiki can be at Fandom. Both LyricWiki and WebsiteWiki moved to Fandom with more than 1 million articles. We hope your wiki will also grow to that size!

Fandom can promote your wiki across other wikis to drive more readers and potential contributors to your site.

What new features does Fandom have? Edit

A few examples:

  1. Rich Text Editor which makes it really easy for new wiki users as they don't need to know wiki-markup to start contributing
  2. Wiki Blogs give users personal space to blog on the wiki
  3. Insights - detailed information about edits to your wiki
  4. Wiki Activity - a dashboard where you can see activity on your wiki
  5. No spam! Fandom has about 20 different ways of fighting spam, so you can focus on the content and not on reverting the spammers
  6. Upload multiple images at once
  7. Easily embed videos in articles
  8. Edit count tool to find out how many edits you or others have made
  9. Image gallery shows all the newest images uploaded here
  10. String functions and parser functions for making complex and powerful templates

How can I move my wiki to Fandom? Edit

If you and your community are ready to move to Fandom, Contact Us.

It doesn't matter whether or not you have direct access to the database - we can still move your wiki. We can integrate any extensions you are using and make sure the wiki continues to work in the same way it does now.

If my wiki moves to Fandom, will all my content still be there? Edit

Yes, all of the text and images from your wiki will be transferred, including user pages and templates. If we import your user database, or if you make an account under the same name, your old edits can be attributed to you and you'll be able to check how many edits you've made using the edit count tool.

Can I change the design? Edit

The Fandom skin can be customised with the Theme Designer.

Who will control the wiki? Edit

Fandom claims no ownership over your wiki. Each Fandom site is managed by the communities that create them. While we're here to help with any problems you have, staff do not interfere with the content or policies of your wiki.

Is it hard to move? Edit

No - we have a lot of experience in helping people move their wiki and we can handle the technical side of this for you. Just get in touch with us and we'll talk you through the next step.

Will there be advertising on the wiki? Edit

For logged in users, the ads are usually limited to the wiki's homepage. The removal of most ads by registering and logging in encourages more people to become part of your community.

Will the URL of my wiki change? Edit

Most Fandom sites can be found on a subdomain of If you own a domain, the quickest and easiest solution is to redirect that to the new URL at Fandom. Using Fandom's domain is an advantage for two main reasons:

  1. Users are automatically logged in to all wikis on which makes it easier to edit across different wikis and more likely you will get casual editors dropping in from other wikis, and
  2. It can help to improve your Google page rank as sites on are generally ranked quite high.

Can I leave Fandom later if I change my mind? Edit

We'd be sad to see you go, but all content on Fandom is released under a free license, which makes it possible for any person to leave Fandom and take a copy of the content and legally set up a new site with it under the same license. We make database backups publicly available so you can be sure you will always have a copy of the content if you need it. This does not mean that the wiki on Fandom will necessarily be removed.

What now Edit

Contact us with details of your wiki and we will help you get started in your new home at Fandom!

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