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Fandom Squadron is a team of experienced members who help promising wiki projects. Participants create templates, write articles and extend wikis, which they choose on by themselves or at the request of other participants of Squadron.

The Squadron team is a division of the IVT that brings together editors who love to explore new wikis and contribute all kinds of wikis to help improve them, in direct collaboration with the IVT. Squadron's ultimate goal is to help extend awareness of Fandom's wikis across the local web through improving them.

This help can range from helping with the basics, like improving pages found on maintenance reports, over general wikitext improvements, designs, all the way to improving the actual content of shorter pages.

Members of the Squadron usually have Content Volunteer permissions, which allows them to perform certain tasks faster, but do not override any local administrator rights.

If you are already working on a wiki, and want to join more communities, but you don’t know where your knowledge and skills could be put to best use to help other admins and users, then join us! If you want to join, we have a form! Check it out here (Google Form).

This list is sorted alphabetically, by user name

Squadron Team[]

Anti is a Russian member of the Fandom Squadron. She is a big fan of video games and books. Anti is mainly engaged in writing and editing articles on wikiprojects, as well as designs and codes (HTML, CSS and JS).
BooBooLyon has been on Fandom since September 2019, founder of the Wiki on Starz Power and he also contributes on many other wikis, especially the MCU one, being a big fan. If you see him on your wiki, it means he is currently watching the series/movie in question. He's still learning how to use the platform so don't blame him if he makes a few mistakes…
CoralBat1714 has been on Fandom since August 2020 and does several wikis at the same time. She is an administrator on the French-speaking Wiki Stranger Things and she is a little everywhere on the French-speaking wikis.
Mapmaker Lich, or simply Lich. Registration date: September 2017, first edit: November 2017, start of active editing: February 2018, in RU Squadron since winter 2018/19. First game: Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm (favourite map: Three Queens (sorry for mistake - directly translateed from Russian version - Lich). Main skills: editing and creating articles, discussing and generating ideas. Can create simple design without heavily relying on CSS and don't relying on JS (due to 0 knowledge about it). Can speak English rather good if it's needed.
Mopsgamer is a Russian Squadron member.
MyManga is a French Squadron member. Fandom user since March 2021, he started to edit pages on the French My Hero Academia Wiki, and four months later, he became admins on it. He's a fan of manga and video games based on them.
Pirr exists.
Esteban is a French contributor on Fandom. He joined the platform on September 2019 and Squadron on April 2020. Administrator on some wikis about books, he specialises mainly in templates and CSS.