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This page explains the "ARC Project", run by the IVT.

What is the project about?[]

The ARC project is all about supporting international admins and their wikis. It covers a significant amount of aspects in non-English communities that are covered by Wiki Representatives in English communities.

Our aim is to support our top international wikis, which means supporting your wiki's community and help it grow and thrive, as well as serving as a liaison with a direct line of contact to full-time Fandom staff. Through the IVT's involvement, this allows us to provide same-language support and direct contact persons in several languages.

Each person working on ARC is a part of the IVT and working with MtaÄ.

Can I have a person working with my wiki?[]

Wikis can apply to have a contact person in some languages. For grown languages on Fandom (Russian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Italian), you will find further information on the respective localized version of this page.

For languages not listed, we are currently working on a way to support you.

Can I get a helper for my EN wiki?[]

No - this is an effort made to support international wikis. If you work on an English language wiki and you'd like a person working with you and your wiki, see this article

What is in scope of ARC?[]

In the scope:

  • You can provide your ARC assignee feedback about products, or bug reports, and they will make sure it will be adequately represented.
  • You can ask your ARC assignee to enable extensions on your wiki that are not available in the admin interface.
  • You can ask your ARC assignee for assistance with problems on your wiki, e.g. templates, or other code issues.
  • You can ask your ARC assignee for where to find help resources to improve your wiki, or wikitext skills further.

Not in the scope:

  • Writing content on your wiki, or building complex templates from scratch