Fandom International

Fandom is a multi-lingual company and we're hosting wikis in more than 100 languages. Besides our many visitors from the US or other English speaking countries, there is a huge amount of people who love to experience communities in their mother tongue. To help and support them, we have an international team from all over the world.

You can find our international staff members on the Fandom Staff page. If you're interested in more information around Fandom International, reach out to Fandom Staff.

The IVT (International Volunteering Team)

The International Volunteering Team is a group of super passionate users from all over the globe who love Fandom and like to help and support our communities in their local language. They are in close connection to users, inform about upcoming products, help in identifying new topics which aren't covered yet, and surface communities by creating spotlights, sliders and more.

Members of the IVT usually have global powers similar to staff members to help out communities in ways similar to staff.

This list is sorted alphabetically, by user name

MtaÄ is supporting and coordinating the IVT. One main aspect of his work is to bring together language communities by finding helpers who work with him in order to build a language community. Every day more and more international users arrive at Fandom, and his second main effort is to increase their awareness of the availability of localized content and communities. If you would like to work with him on international communities, this page's talk page.

DE - German

Gerrit spends most of his time on Fandom browsing and editing wiki communities about entertainment and video game topics. In 2015, he became a German helper focused on support tasks.
DarkBarbarian is a German helper. He joined the IVT in late 2019 and helps wikis with creating content and improving their search engine ranking.
Grsaar11 is a German helper. He started editing on Fandom in April 2018 and joined the IVT in late 2020. He likes TV shows, video games, cycling and being in nature among other things.
Nekky-chan is a German helper. He started his journey on Fandom in the end of 2016. With joining the IVT in 2019, he has become the leader for the German Vanguard group.
RainA is a German helper. They have been editing on Fandom since April 2012 and joined the IVT in 2020. They are a huge fan of anime and mostly edit German anime wikis, such as the Attack on Titan Wiki.
SpacePucky is a German helper. He started editing on Fandom in early 2015. Pucky translates blogs and help pages for the German community and assists new users.
PHTL is a Fandom user since 2013 and joined the German helper team in October 2020. He helps out by assisting users as well as preparing and updating wikis to cover upcoming releases.

ES - Spanish

Aokmine is a Spanish/Hispanic helper. He's active since late 2013. He is a member of the Community Council and Design ConVol since 2017. Later, he became an IVT member in 2019. His main wikis are Villainous Wiki and My Little Pony Wiki in Spanish.
SacredOwl is a Spanish helper. He is active in Fandom since September 2011, starting on Bleach Wiki. He's interested in a lot of topics that go from RuPaul's Drag Race to any sort of popular manga that you can think of.
Zeist Antilles is a Spanish helper. He's active in Fandom since 2006 and while most of his activity goes towards the Spanish Star Wars Wiki he's also interested in a lot of other topics.

FI - Finnish

CAJH is a Finnish helper. He is very fluent in English and that's why very interested on translating. From all of Finnish wikis, he is mostly active on Avatar Wiki and Death Note Wiki. He has become an admin on the former and the latter was founded by him.

FR - French

Celdrøn is a French helper. He started to work on the French Naruto Wiki in 2011 and he became the administrator of it some months later. He also helped to translate some scripts on the Fandom Developers' Open Source Wiki.
Dark Yada is a French helper as the French Vanguard Team Leader. He started on Fandom in 2014 on Wiki LEGO and joined a year later Picsou Wiki, but participates on various wikis in French or English. He is also a part of the Global Discussions moderators team.
God D. Sogeflo

French Community
God D. Sogeflo is a French helper and a member of the French ConVol team. He started on Fandom in 2013 on One Piece Encyclopédie and later adopted The Voice Wiki. He loves helping various wikis growing their communities.
Juliepersonne is a French helper as she is the leader of the French ConVol Team. Inspired by the great spirit on Wiki Glee, she joined Fandom in 2012 and founded Wiki Chuck. She likes to help on various wikis even if the topic doesn't interest her.

IT - Italian

Cresh. is an Italian helper. He joined Fandom in March 2014 as a member of Nonciclopedia, an Italian parody of Wikipedia. He knows wikicode and you can find him in Italian community wiki. Sometimes, he can even appears in chat, actually he's quite talkative!
KuroUrufu is an Italian helper. He started collaborating with the Italian One Piece wiki in August 2015 and became helper nearly two years later; in these years, he has founded and adopted some wikis. He prefers working on content and is often around the wikis.
Leviathan 89 is an Italian helper. He started editing as One Piece fan, collaborating with both the English and the Italian wiki until he became admin of the latter. He likes messing around with wikicode, CSS and JavaScript, so he usually help out other fellow editors when asked to. He is a physic student hence he naturally likes science and technology.

JA - Japanese

Plover-Y is a Japanese helper. She started editing in Fandom in 2010 as an anonymous user, and in February 2014 as Plover-Y. She can't get enough of reading books, going for a stroll, good food and Kirby
Tommy6 is a Japanese helper. He joined Fandom in 2007 and helps Japanese wikis. Tommy6 focuses on improving translations of help pages, templates, blog posts and MediaWiki messages.

KO - Korean

Miri-Nae is a Korean helper. He joined in Fandom in 2014. He founded Korean My Little Pony Wiki at first, and he's still working on it. His usual hobby is surfing the web, playing video games and watching TV.

NL - Dutch

Tupka217 is a Dutch helper. He's been a member of Fandom since November 2008, first at the DCAU Wiki and later DC Database and Young Justice Wiki. He didn't go Dutch until 2016, when he founded the the Dutch DC Wiki. As a helper, he'll mainly focus on internationalization.

PL - Polish

Light22 is a Polish helper. He started editing Gothicpedia in 2013. As part of the helper team, he focuses on helping wikis grow and assisting users.
Luqgreg is a Polish helper. He joined Fandom in late 2015 and mainly helps with tech stuff.
Rail is responsible for translations and providing help to Polish Fandom community. You can often see him active on Discord where you can always ask him for help. In his free time he's reading books and listening to music in unusual languages.
Vuh is a Polish helper. He likes everything that is related with technical aspects - CSS, JavaScript, Lua and extensions MediaWiki. He started editing at Polish Elder Scrolls Wiki in 2010. His hobby is mainly playing all kinds of games, and watching anime.
You are my strange addiction is a Polish helper. He started editing at Polish Bakugan Wiki in 2016. He loves movies and TV shows, especially horror ones. As member of the Polish IVT, he focuses on the development of Polish wikis.

PT - Portuguese

Dioniso7 is a Portuguese helper. He joined Fandom in November 2017, and joined IVT in October of 2018. He mainly works on improving wikis. He began to edit one year ago in the Warframe PT-BR and remain active there.
Matheus Leonardo is a Portuguese helper. He joined Fandom in April 2014, and joined IVT in the middle of 2017. His main function is provide support to Portuguese-speaking users, translate and proofread technical updates and staff blogs and administer the Portuguese Community Central.
Eduaddad is a Portuguese helper. He joined Fandom in April 2015, and joined IVT in the middle of 2020. His main function is to support the Portuguese-language channels on our Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server, translate staff blogs and administer the Portuguese Community Central.

RU - Russian

Светлана (Fiona of Amber) is a Russian helper. She joined Fandom in 2010. In a real life she works in a bank, and after this quite not creative, but crazy job she likes to spend free time editing on different wikis. Her favourite wikis are Russian Game of Thrones Wiki and Marvelpedia. She likes good TV-series, books. Among her hobbies are also sports, needlework and visiting local museums.

Russian Community
Екатерина (Katuwa) is a Russian helper. She joined Fandom in 2013. In real life, she studies finance, reads fiction and she spent her free time helping anime projects. Her first edit was made on Russian Fairy Tail Wiki and in 2014 she created Russian Kuroko no Basuke Wiki.
Михаил (Kopcap94) is Russian VSTF who is also part of the Russian helper team. In real life he is a simple student, studying on aircraft and space engineering faculty. He is a fan of My Little Pony, so his journey on Fandom began at ru-MLP wiki. On Fandom he loves to design and create something new and useful.
Юрий (Kuzura) is a Russian helper. In real life, he is a scientist who investigates corrosion of metals. He likes science fiction, fantasy and good animation films and serials. He began as simple user on the Russian Lostpedia. Then he became the first Russian admin of Russian Lostpedia. After the completion of the LOST series he began working on the Russian Avatar Wiki and the Russian Community Wiki.
Наталья (Natalya-ru) is a Russian helper. She is a big fan of fantasy and dragons, especially the Dragonriders of Pern series, which became her first wiki in 2013. Thanks to their small children she also enjoys projects for a children's audience. Out of all tasks on Fandom, she likes to create wiki designs most.
Игорь (DoubleCookies) is Russian Squadron member and the leader for the Russian Vanguard group. He joined FANDOM in 2013. He mostly edits gaming wikis and helps them with technical issues. He is a big fan of statistics and cookies.
Ольга (Cryosleep) is a Russian helper. She joined Fandom in 2018 when her love for Final Fantasy series has reawakened. Never really expecting to stay for long, she still does not want to quit. Fortunately she truly likes translating (combining her profession and hobby) and is meticulous enough to transfer articles into Russian projects. She likes good films, games and is not bad in some handicrafts.

VI - Vietnamese

Rémy is from the Chinatown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam now residing in Rome, Italy. On Fandom, he joins as a main editor in a wiki called Thế thần toàn thư - Vietnamese Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra project. In real life, he is a medical student, likes cooking, loves tea, books, literature, and especially the "Eternal City". His favorite proverb is 寧三天不食莫一日無茶, which means Rather three days without food than a day without tea. Feel free to say hello!

ZH - Chinese

机智的小鱼君(Dragon Fish) is a Chinese helper. He joined International Volunteering Team on January 2019. As a ZH helper, he often helps with adoption and Interwiki Links applications. He is crazy love in web design and MediaWiki. His hobbies are video games and Japanese ACGN culture! His favorite game is Nekopara Mirrors’ Edge and favorite LightNovel is No Game No Life. If you have any questions about Fandom, feel free to message him~
Winston Sung (Deutsch: Herbert) is a Chinese language helper who uses "Traditional Han Script with Taiwan Terms" (zh-Hant-TW) the most. He joined Fandom in 2018 and became a member of International Volunteering Team in 2020. He focuses on community support, language variant conversion stuff and translating, improving translations of blog posts, technical update threads and MediaWiki messages. In real life, he is a student in university.
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