Fandom International

Fandom is a multi-lingual company and we're hosting wikis in more than 100 languages. Besides our many visitors from the US or other English speaking countries, there is a huge amount of people who love to experience communities in their mother tongue. To help and support them, we have an international team from all over the world.

You can find our international staff members on the Fandom Staff page. If you're interested in more information around Fandom International, reach out to Fandom Staff.

The IVT (International Volunteering Team)

The International Volunteering Team is a group of super passionate users from all over the globe who love Fandom and like to help and support our communities in their local language. They are in close connection to users, inform about upcoming products, help in identifying new topics which aren't covered yet, and surface communities by creating spotlights, sliders and more.

Members of the IVT usually have global powers similar to staff members to help out communities in ways similar to staff.

This list is sorted alphabetically, by user name

DE - German

ES - Spanish

FI - Finnish

FR - French

IT - Italian

JA - Japanese

KO - Korean

NL - Dutch

PL - Polish

PT - Portuguese

RU - Russian

VI - Vietnamese

ZH - Chinese

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