Topics are created and maintained by Community Central admins and Fandom Community Support staff. Please contact one of those individuals if you have questions or would like to help out.

These instructions document a non-standard process that exists on Community Central. They are not meant to be instructions for how to use Forum Topics on other communities. As designed, Topics are only intended to make connections between threads and existing article pages.

Creating new topics

  1. Create a new page in the main namespace with name XYZ (example), and make the content a redirect to the same name in the Topic namespace (Topic:XYZ).
  2. Using the ?action=edit URL parameter, open the new Topic page in the editor, enter one placeholder character (the period character, for example) and save the page.
  3. Topic:XYZ will be a Topic page that will list all threads with that topic added, and XYZ will also be listed on DPL lists of Topic pages (like the one below)

List of existing topics

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