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Community Central Discussions is a place where you can find help about your wikis, learn about the latest changes to Fandom and get support from the Fandom community. Discussions are moderated by Community Central admins, so for immediate support from Fandom Staff, please use their support form.

Discussions guidelines

Community Central Discussions follows the Community Central Guidelines. We want to keep Discussions open for everyone to have collaborative and fun discussions, while keeping the space safe and constructive. In addition to the wiki guidelines:

Be nice and treat people with respect.

People from all around the world read and edit this wiki and contribute to Discussions. Like any other collaborative project, not everyone will agree all the time. Keep conversations civil and be open minded about differing opinions. We're all here because we love the same topic.

Try to find existing discussions first, but don't be afraid to start a new thread.

Please take a moment to sift through the Discussions categories to see if a discussion already exists about the question you have. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, go ahead and create a new post!

Our recommendations

We also recommend these few pointers before you post:

  • Please make the title as specific as possible. Titles such as "Problem - need help" give others no indication of what might be going on.
  • Provide a link to the wiki you need help with in your post, as well as details about your browser and operating system if appropriate.
  • Do not post requests for more editors or more admins for your wiki. Instead, read this article. It is unlikely you will find users interested in the same topic as your wiki on this forum.
  • Report bad posts by using the dropdown for any post or reply, and clicking 'Report'. If it's not a clear violation of our guidelines, please message one of the admins instead of reporting.


The Community Central admins have developed actions that give users a better idea of what we like, and what admins will take action on. Keep in mind these actions are at the admin's discretion - each post has its own context and nuance, so these are not strict rules (and we side towards being conservative and leaving things open).

Allow constructive and helpful posts, as well as posts asking for assistance.

  • Users are free to post about questions about their wiki, such as asking for technical and community help. When helping a user troubleshoot, assume good faith - editors asking questions are usually newer than you!
  • We allow:
    • Help and design requests
    • Community management questions
    • High quality wiki advertisements
    • Constructive feedback posts
    • Bug reports and discussions
  • We don't allow:
    • Profanity
      • Slurs and really bad swear words aren't allowed, regardless of use/form
      • Censored strong language still isn't allowed (i.e. "g##t"). Some abbreviations are allowed (e.g. WTF) if the abbreviation is generally used in a mild way, and the language is not directed at someone.
    • Advertisement spam
    • Low quality posts, gibberish or spammy content
    • Off topic posts, such as gaming questions, small conversations and thread games, random polls
    • Spammed bug reports: if there's a lot of posts about an issue, we will start deleting them
    • Low quality wiki promotions (150 words is a good target for a good wiki promotion), or offering admin rights
    • Replies to posts over a few months old (lock after new replies)

Moderating common questions:

  • We get a lot of similar questions about being blocked or closing a wiki. We'd like to keep Discussions tidy by locking or deleting these posts. However, be aware that recent posts may not surface easily in Discussions as there is no way to 'pin' a thread.
  • We allow:
    • Serious or thought out questions regarding a user being blocked or a wiki being closed, or any other common question.
  • We reply:
    • Users who are asking why they are blocked: reply with a link to Blocked
    • Users who are asking why their wiki was closed: reply with a link to Closed
  • We don't allow:
    • Repeated questions or bug reports posted recently: reply with a link to the most suitable thread and lock (or delete) the post.