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Community Central

Community Volunteers are members of volunteer groups who provide extra help and moderation to the Fandom community, including on Community Central (like the Community Central Administrators) and on a global basis (like Spam Obliteration and Prevention (SOAP) or Global Discussions Moderators). This page is an overview of those groups.

Community Central Administrators

Community Central Administrators are volunteers who help maintain Community Central. You'll often find them in blog, forum, and wall discussions. Administrators are appointed by Fandom Staff as needed.

Administrators are here to help you with non-Staff related questions, so be sure to leave them a note if you need their help!

SOAP (Spam Obliteration & Prevention)

The Spam Obliteration and Prevention (SOAP, formerly VSTF and GRASP) team is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom vandalism and spam free. To do this they have been given additional user rights that allow them to detect and delete as well as blocking the users creating it.

Visit the SOAP Wiki to learn more and to submit reports.

While this is a volunteer group, its members are selected and invited by Fandom Staff only based on their contributions and efforts to achieve the SOAP goal. It thus serves no point to ask SOAP members or Staff to be added to the team and will even work counterproductive.


Global Discussion Moderators

Global Discussions moderators are a group of users with permissions related to the Discussions feature.

The group's mission statements are:

  • Help out on active Discussions areas where the admins and community of editors have not yet become involved or are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Surface good moderator candidates to wiki admins, and offer help in transitioning Discussions to local oversight.
  • Foster healthy community growth through moderation, interaction, community management and post creation.
  • Educate Discussions users about the nature of the wiki community and collaborative editing.

There is no specific mandate for cleanup of spam and vandalism The focus of the Global Discussions moderators is on community management, community building and social concerns within the Discussions feature specifically.

For more details see the Global Discussions Moderator operation guidelines.