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Wikis on Fandom are rarely closed. They belong to the Fandom community and generally stay open for everyone to use. However, there are some reasons why a wiki is closed.

While a wiki founder may request that their project be closed, particularly if it doesn't yet have any other editors, that request may not be honored by Fandom. If the topic is of general public interest, Fandom generally prefers to leave dormant wikis open to see if the topic will attract new editors and readers. If a reasonably vibrant community emerges, the wiki can live on through the adoptions process.

In the case of complete closure of a wiki that previously had content (that did not violate the Terms of Use), the database of content would be made available for download. In case a user wants to appeal a wiki closure, this can be done by contacting Fandom staff through the contact form.

If some or all of a wiki's contributors decide to move, and copy the content to a new a location, Fandom will decide whether the wiki is to be closed or whether it will remain open as before. Most wikis with useful content or the potential for content remain open. As a courtesy to future editors and to the Fandom staff involved in deciding if the wiki in question is to be closed and/or merged with an existing wiki, please do not blank the pages or list them as "moved" (especially the main pages).

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