Sorry I don't like her.

Theresa "Tessa" Young is the principal character of After series. She is so nerdy and boring. She cheated on her boyfriend wich is not what good girls do, and everyone knows that she is supposed to be a good girl. The one who have the best marks of the school, the one who is still virgin until she is eightheen.

So, as I said, Miss Theresa ( oh my god, this is the ugliest name I've never heard ) is pretending to be the perfect little studious girl with hope and ambition. But, when she meets Hardin Scott, the bad boy, she looses the control of her body. Body that is pretty sexy according to Hardin who litterary fell in love with Tessa. That's not logical, I mean how can a selfish punky mysterious guy fall in love with a girl like her ?

She cried when he told her she's not his type. And she was like " Oh godness, he is so impolite I don't like him" and then she kissed him. Bipolar Alert ! Ok, I know that Hardin's sex-appeal must be irresistible but hey, you're not his girlfriend, you just met him and you have a boyfriend !

Seriously, she acted like a slut. Because beiing ready to have sex with a guy even if you have a boyfriend is what sluts do. And please, just because the boy is as hot as hell doesn't mean you can spread your legs to him like a whore.And yeah, they can't spend one hour toguether without doiing dirty things.

I'm sorry Anna, but your book sucks.

And one special kiss to all the haters who are probably some histerical teens who are obsessed with Harry Styles and like to make stupid fanfics about him. ;)

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