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'''Please provide a link to your user profile ''on the target wiki'''''. [[w:c:youtube:User:JustLeafy]]
'''Please provide a link to your user profile ''on the target wiki'''''. [[w:c:youtube:User:JustLeafy]]
::I'm really sorry, but at 13K pages, your wiki is too big for this service. Here, we try to help people who have smaller wikis and are so new in their Fandom journeys that they actually need the assistance. You've got tons of wikis and plenty of fairly advanced technical knowledge. Given that experience, it would be trivial for you to set up your own bot according to [[Help:AWB]], and that would give you the power to take care of your various wikis. Good luck -- but feel free to get back in touch if you get stuck with anything!
{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACENUMBER}}|120|[[Category:Bot scan requests|{{PAGENAME}}|]]}}
::{{user:CzechOut/Sig}}{{User:CzechOut/TimeFormat}} 02:22: Sun 24 Oct 2021</span>
{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACENUMBER}}|120|[[Category:completed bot scans|{{PAGENAME}}|]]}}

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