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Are you an admin of an English wiki looking to improve their wiki's grammar and spelling? If so, you're in the right place! Here, you can request to have your wiki scanned with the AutoWikiBrowser bot. It'll fix general errors, like typos, misspelled words, grammar errors, punctuation errors, and wikitext errors. The scan will include all pages in the main namespace. Best of all, the edits will be done by a bot account, meaning they will not appear on Recent changes or Wiki Activity.

Guidelines for requestors

  • The requestor must be an admin on the wiki
  • The wiki must have at least 100 content pages.
  • Each wiki can be scanned only once per year. Individuals may request bot scans only once every 30 days. In other words, please don't list — simultaneously — all the wikis you administer. By making one request a month, you're allowing your fellow users a fair chance at the service.
  • We assume that you're asking for American English spell-checking. (We can help with British English correction from AmEng, but you must reach out to CzechOut for further information.)
  • We reserve the right to use Pywikipediabot in certain circumstances.
  • We'll probably refuse to scan any wiki that could reasonably be considered a duplicate.

To submit your request, enter your wiki's name below and click the button. Then simply provide a link to your wiki and a link to your profile on the target wiki. (Please do not sign your request, because we're looking for a quick link to verify your admin status on the target wiki.)
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Please do not use any other method than the field below to generate an application.

Pending requests

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  • Because of the difference in the size of wikis, we reserve the right to answer requests out of the order they're received, in order to serve more wikis, faster.
  • Because completion speed is a direct function of the number of articles on a wiki, it may be that very large wikis will take longer than a week to fully scan.

Where'd my request go?

Don't see your request on this page? Be sure to check for it in the completed bot scans category. If all else fails, check your contributions on this wiki, and be sure to click "Follow" in your toolbar on your request.

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