I need to help a user converting his old infoboxes to the new ones. Problem is, the old infoboxes use unnamed parameters and generally a bad syntax. Let's use this page as an example, I'd like to make a regex for AWB (or if there are better tools, tell me, I know you can use th advance find and replace settings to probably do something about it) to convert the infobox template from

{{Personaggio|[[File:Arzakon.jpg|265px]]|Arzakon|[[Piani del Multiverso|Piano Sconosciuto]]|Data Sconosciuta|Sconosciuta [[Planeswalker]]|-|Sconosciuto}}

to something like

| par1 = [[File:Arzakon.jpg|265px]]
| par2 = Arzakon
| par3 = [[Piani del Multiverso|Piano Sconosciuto]]
| par4 = Data Sconosciuta
| par5 = Sconosciuta [[Planeswalker]]
| par6 = -
| par7 = Sconosciuto
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