One Wiki I'm working on (Dark Series Wiki) has many different settings that appear in the books. Is there a way to create a map where, if you scroll over it, will give you some information? I want to put a list of books that have that area as a setting. And since these are real locations world wide, I would have to use a world map, but I would like the area to be highlighted in one color (yellow) for when hovering and highlighted in a another color (red) when clicked on so people can click on the book they want from a box that appears.

An optional feature could be a world map that can look realistic but can switch to a simple version, but the area that lights up doesn't change position. However, this is not necessary and I'll use the realistic one so that it will be easy for me to find the areas that I need to encompase for what I want. I think I found a way to do this, but it didn't appear on the wiki and I tried several times to fix it, though it didn't change what happened.

Another optional feature is the ability to zoom in so that people can select specific towns, but it would also help me to get the exact area location as well. Again, if this is difficult or can't be done, it is not a big deal so long as I can at least have a map on the wiki.

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