I think there's not much transparency in Lucho's message. Maybe you meant "explanation"? Transparency is when you can see logs and proof of what happened here.

Can you share examples of harassment from Ciencia Al Poder recently to users who edit WikiaDex? That would be a call for transparency. However, I can see signs of lack of transparency in Lucho's actions:

  1. An image was deleted without leaving any logs. The image itself didn't violate any terms, it was just a screenshot of Special:RecentChanges displaying exactly what everyone could see now: 5 entries of RecentChanges removed. I can't understand why was necessary to delete that image, and even removing public logs about that. In fact, users say the entire wiki where that image was uploaded was closed/deleted, and then reopened again. This looks like an abuse of a tool (COPPATool as mentioned by KockaAdmiralac) that wasn't mean to be used for that. I only think of 2 reasons to use this tool: Misunderstanding of how/when to use it, or used on purpose to not disclose who was doing the deletion. I'm seeing this action as an "harassment".
  2. Apparently (there are no public logs for this, only staff has access to them), a Staff used the Piggyback feature, that allows staff to access any wikia user account as if the staff member would have logged-in with that account, to edit a blog message as that same user (a vstf member could verify this by doing a checkuser on that user/edit and see what IP was used to edit that message). This is an abuse of a tool which only purpose is to see what the user sees to diagnose problems with user scripts or preferences, not to impersonate a user. I'm seeing this action as an "harassment".
  3. Contacting someone to offer help about moving is not harassment. This is helping out. Harassment is when you block, delete and disable accounts because you don't want people to have a constructive discussion about what are the benefits about leaving vs staying on wikia. I'm seeing this action as "harassment" and "censorship". The contents of the deleted messages are still visible here and there's no harassment nor advertisement that would deserve its deletion. This is a clear "censorship".
  4. A message from Ciencia Al Poder has been deleted on this thread (the message can be seen here) after his global ban, where he explains a user to not reupload the same image again, to avoid further confusion. If someone finds a reason of why this message was deleted, feel free to share your thoughts. Looks like someone really wants to censor every message that mentions any of those irregularities.
  5. As seen in Jenburton's wall, Ciencia explained the situation, and just called for stopping this. But instead, Ciencia was globally banned, as a revenge. I would call this harassment.

More and more people are aware of wikia's behavior on WikiDex, and now we have this, where a staff abuse the tools to hide his own footprints of his censorship.

Of course, trying to get a civil discussion on wikia's home is not going anywhere, because messages will continue to be deleted and censored. Instead, this should be clearly explained on other social networks and even some magazines, with all the proof that has been presented, where wikia could no longer censor this.

I can't understand why a Staff was repeatedly abusing his powers in something so trivial like 5 messages on a blog post, which derived in a big censorsip of the entire conversation about a possible fork of a wiki. This harassment and censorship is only counting against wikia in the possible decision about leaving, while it isn't preventing the possible fork, and it's causing a major discredit to wikia staff in general and as a company, because of how other staff members are implicitly agreeing on what has been done. I'm pretty sure that nothing of this would have happened if Luchofigo would have kept his hands off the entire discussion/wiki.

Sorry for the long message!

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