Clara, if you used their translation of something, just add a note to make them happy or this we will never end.

Alelm, You do understand that you are making an encyclopedia, don't you? The purpose of an encyclopedia is to share information about a topic. The moment you put them on your site, you are making them available to everyone. That is true for every wiki and for all of us. I can understand complaining about not being credited if whole pages being translated, we addressed that already, but what are you talking here (the name of a publisher, I think? Regardless, a single information) it's not something you can demand credit for. Even if it's something you created/discover/did first, we cannot talk about licenses for a single word/information.

The stealing rhetoric is getting old, if I go to wikipedia and copy something and add it in my work or on my site I'm not stealing anything. That's what wikipedia is meant to be used. The same is true for all of our wikis, content doesn't belong to you (or to us on our wikis). The French wiki now has a lot of link-backs from the Italian wiki, even more then necessary, now you should make some step towards ending this discussion.

I mean, let's think about the end-result here. Let's say that we add a link to your wiki to every page on the Italian wiki. Then what? The license would be respected and therefore the discussion would end there. Shall we do that? Shall I add the translation template by default on every page? Or even better, I had an even greater idea: we should link the two wikis together and add interlanguage links instead! Would you prefer this solution instead? Anything to just end this...

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