@Koji04: Then tell me, what is your motivation exactly? Isn't to build an encyclopedia about something you like? How what clara or any other users do would even affect that? You are talking as if that invalidate your work. We are talking about a wiki in another language, it has literally zero impact on you, your wiki or your work. If anything, the only one who could complain here is the other IT wiki since they will compete for the same audience.

I guarantee you, that if you go on most other French or Italian or whatever wikis, most of them have quite a lot of content taken and/or translated from their English counterpart. That is fine, that is normal, everyone accepts that.

At this point I'm not sure anymore what you are asking or complaining about. It seems to me that you want Clara to stop taking your content. You said you understand the rules, she (like you or anyone else) can do that. So what are you asking? Or rather, what are you hoping to gain? Let's assume that Clara now will take her own screenshots and make her own articles. What will you accomplish? You will have slowed down the grow of a small wiki in another language to gain what exactly? That is what eludes me.

A reader that check any kind of wiki does not know or care less about who made what, so if you are talking about recognition, I doubt you will find any from them.

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