Alelm, if you understand the rules then you are the unreasonable one, not to mention very disrespectful and arrogant. We are explaining rules that you did not understand, that makes your wiki possible to exist and you are trying to enforcing on other people imaginary rules you believe you are entitle to. You claim ownership of stuff that doesn't belong to you and that you took without consent of the publisher. All those files belong to the game publisher, not to you, not to the wiki. And this is true on EVERY website you will try to upload, keep that in mind. If you can upload them, then so other can use them. Every wiki on Fandom generally has a clear understanding of this and what do you think, that you are the only one that put work and efforts on your wiki? Everyone does the same. You keep accusing people of "stealing" but stealing implies losing something. Whatever people do on other wikis has no effect whatsoever on your wiki, we are talking about a wiki in another language. If anything, the other Italian Tekken wiki will have negative effect, because two wikis on the same topic will compete for the already small public.

Clara, actually the issue with the notice should be about the text you translate, not the images. The rights of the images belong to the game publisher, which I believe is NAMCO and you are using them under Fair User, NOT CC-BY-SA. You can say that they were first uploaded on the FR wiki but it's irrilevant for the license. And to be honest, why are you using the French wiki? Could you not use the English wiki and avoid this issue entirily?

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