First of all, it's cool that the text is highlighted and that the text doesn't wrap, which is way better than all of those line breaks when your reach the right side of the editor :P
I have a couple of questions:

  1. If i understood correctly, does it only affect Oasis (wikia.css)?
  2. Will MediaWiki:Wikia.css?action=edit&useskin=monobook also direct me to Special:CSS?
  3. Why does it say not to use adjoining classes?
  4. If the answer to my Q2 is "no", then are you going to completely disable Wikia.css?
  5. Final question: do you see yourself doing the same with JS pages as well and/or personal JS and CSS pages at some point in the near future?

Sorry if i bother with the questions :P
Also i though it would be nice if you include the "Page history" result in a popup section, similar to the "Show changes", instead of trying to load it in the same window. Or in a new ticket (anyway even if you don't it shouldn't be a big deal, it can probably be displayed using some javascript).

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