Brandon Rhea Brandon Rhea 2 June 2016

Why Social Media is Important For Communities

Wikians are often at the epicenter of their favorite fandoms. You represent the biggest experts there are, not to mention that you have some of the most intense passions for pop culture in the world. That's why it's not very surprising to know that social media is an important tool for your community. What better way is there to talk to other fans and let them know about your community?

Every day, we talk to fans on our own brand accounts, @getfandom and @Wikia, and we've learned a great deal about the importance of engaging with an audience on social media. As social media becomes more and more important in the evolving internet landscape, I wanted to share some of what we've learned with you.

When you have a well-established community, you…

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Mira Laime Mira Laime 26 February 2016

How to Deal With a Bad Bureaucrat

We’ve given plenty of advice in the past on how to deal with trolls, annoying users, and bad admins. But what if that user who is upsetting the community is a bureaucrat, and can delete anything and block anyone they like?

  • 1 Try diplomacy first
  • 2 When to get a bureaucrat demoted
  • 3 How to get a bureaucrat demoted
  • 4 Bureaucrat trouble in very small communities

As in any dispute, the best option is to talk it out: Stay calm, assume your bureaucrat isn’t evil, but just coming from a different point of view, and see if you can find a way to work together.

Try these options, if a bureaucrat is causing trouble:

  • Talk to the bureaucrat: Leave them a message and let them know what you think they should do differently, and why (be nice about it).
  • Talk to the oth…

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SEOkitten SEOkitten 10 November 2015

The Importance of Images

Greetings, Wikians!

One common SEO question at Wikia is about the impact images have on rankings. Search engine algorithms are not public and most look at hundreds of unique factors, but correlation studies have shown pages that include properly tagged, relevant images often rank higher than pages that do not.

Google and other search engines are getting better at understanding the relationship between images and other on-page content, but search bots cannot understand the images themselves. Happily there are some steps we can take to help the search engines out.

  • 1 File Names
  • 2 File Descriptions
  • 3 Image Galleries and Image Navigation
  • 4 Next Steps

File names should be as descriptive as possible; James Bond-Thunderball-Jetpack.jpg is better for SEO than…

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SEOkitten SEOkitten 28 September 2015

Using Keywords Without Stuffing or Spamming

Hello, Wikians!

I introduced some simple keyword research tools in the previous SEO blog post; this time I want to discuss how to include those keywords on the page for maximum impact on search rankings and user experience.

The internet was less sophisticated in the mid to late ‘90s. During the Geocities era, it became a common practice to “optimize” pages using spammy blocks of unrelated keywords or sentences stuffed with synonyms and close match variations.

In the attempt to adhere to this outdated best practice, countless websites still publish nonsense like this:

C3PO, sometimes called Threepio, is a gold droid (robot) built to assist humans with customs and translation. Protocol droids like the talking robot C-3P0 can be different colors, but T…

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SEOkitten SEOkitten 2 September 2015

Search Suggest, Trends, and Content Coverage

Hello, Wikians!

Most active communities have a growing list of wanted pages and numerous articles that could be improved. With so much on our to do lists, how do we even begin to prioritize?

In this post I'm sharing a couple of simple tools that are ideal for quick keyword research. Figuring out what searchers are searching can focus our creative efforts on the topics people are most curious about and help us gain more readers and contributors through prime placement in organic search results.

Those who hear about Search Engine Optimization for the first time often guess that it has something to do with keywords—and for good reason! Keywords are the words or phrases that a user enters into a search engine, and both search algorithms and the bro…

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SEOkitten SEOkitten 10 August 2015

Intro to SEO

Hello, Wikians!

My name is Angelina, and I recently joined Wikia to help out on SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. That sounds impressive, I’m sure, but what does that mean?

SEO is a multi-discipline field that aims to bring greater visibility and traffic to each of our communities through prime placement on search engine results pages. Our team monitors traffic and rankings, devises tests and impact projects, and makes recommendations across a wide range of topics—from the words linked on each page to the names of our image files to mobile-friendliness of pages.

Some days are spent helping the Product and Engineering teams on new or improved features, and others are spent updating help pages or creating documentation for the Community Team. …

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BertH BertH 17 June 2015

Update your Facebook widget

Hi Wikians!

Many of you have created Facebook pages for your communities to help get news and updates to your readers and editors. Some of you also use your main page to promote the Facebook page of your community's topic. If you use the Like Box plugin/widget to show Facebook content on your wikia, you'll need to update to a newer plugin from Facebook.

Next week (on June 23), Facebook will drop support for the Like Box, which used the tags |}

Got questions? Let us know in the comments. Need help? Let us know via Special:Contact.

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DaNASCAT DaNASCAT 6 February 2015

How to Report Bugs to Wikia

Good day Wikia!

Every now and then, it’s important to remind our community about the important role you, our readers and editors, play in keeping our wikias free of pesky bugs. Helping squash bugs is the most intense but satisfying part of my job here at Wikia. We do the very best job we can to prevent bugs from appearing on your wikias but, considering how many features we are constantly tweaking, releasing, and testing, it's inevitable that some will always get past us.

  • 1 What is a Bug?
  • 2 Things to Ask Before Reporting A Bug
  • 3 Reporting a Bug
  • 4 Seeing If a Bug is Fixed

It's important to establish first what constitutes a "bug." A bug, in the sense we are using it, is when our code causes something on your wikia to look broken or display incorrectl…

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Cnoteboat Cnoteboat 26 January 2015

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Hi there! My name is Charlie Boatwright and I'm an analyst in the Analytics Team here at Wikia. Part of my role involves investigating research questions pertinent to Wikia using the data we have available to us. One of the first topics I was assigned to look at is the attributes of Wikia article pages that drive pageviews.

One of the biggest drivers is what's known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is the process used to make it easier for wikias to be discovered and indexed by search engines. That way, search engines can properly rank a wikia's "relevance" and "importance," based on that search engine's criteria, in order to show the best search results possible for a user's query. For example, when a user searches "Who is Walt…

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Cooksey.michael Cooksey.michael 3 November 2014

Creative uses for Wikia Maps

Confession time: I am a huge map nerd. Always have been! When I was a little kid, some of my favorite books were actually atlases. And even today, I still adore looking at maps.

So naturally, I was so excited when we launched our new maps feature here at Wikia. There is so much you can do with maps, especially in our world of fandom. Of course, you can use the maps tool to create and annotate traditional, geographical maps, but you can *also* use the maps tool to annotate images and provide deep, creative insight into your favorite fandom, fictional worlds, details into video games, and more. You can even try annotating a "still," or image from a scene out of your favorite show. This is simply another great way to provide additional details…

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