• Surf Penguin

    Many Music Tributes

    October 18, 2009 by Surf Penguin

    • Roger Daltrey+: Lead Singer
    • Pete Townshend+: Guitarist
    • John Entwistle+ (deceased): Bassist
    • Keith Moon+ (deceased): Drummer
    • Kenny Jones (no longer part of the group): Drummer after Keith Moon's death
    • Replacement Bassist (there is no official member)after John Entwistle
    • Zak Starkey: Drummer who replaced Kenny Jones

    += original member

    • Cody as Roger Daltrey
    • Trent: Pete Townshend
    • Ezekiel: John Entwistle
    • Tyler: Keith Moon
    • Owen as Kenny Jones
    • Harold as Replacement bassist
    • Geoff as Zak Starkey

    • Arnold (Magic School Bus) as Roger
    • T.J. (Recess0 as Pete
    • Sam (Time Warp Trio) as John
    • Fred (Time Warp Trio) as Keith
    • Gus (Recess) as Kenny
    • ? as RB
    • Joe (TWT) as Zak

    • Micky Dolenz: Drummer and main lead vocalist
    • Peter Tork: Bassist, Piano, banjo etc
    • Davy Jones: percusion, vocals
    • Mike N…

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  • Sweetnessprime89


    October 17, 2009 by Sweetnessprime89

    I never expected to be at a blog(sigh).But had a long day and need help with user page on the My Lego Network Wiki. Check out

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  • Sarah Manley

    Hello Wikia Community! My name is Sarah Manley, and I am a new member to Wikia's Community Team. I am very excited to be joining the team, and helping to support the ever growing number of wiki communities. I have a background in the environmental and mapping fields. In my past positions, I was an educator at a green non-profit in New York City called Solar1, and a community ambassador for the OpenStreetMap project, which is a wiki map of the world.

    Here at Wikia, I am currently participating in the Green Wiki, Recipes Wiki and most recently started the Canning Wiki. I just started canning, and would love advice and recipes, so please let me build out this new wiki!

    I look forward to learning more about other wiki communities, and assisting…

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  • Gifh

    This is a test

    October 15, 2009 by Gifh

    This is only a test for viewing and troubleshooting.

    image file examples...

    If you want, you can see this video on youtube about replicator technology, and also a few error code, broken up only on my Blog main page.

    This is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test - this is a test.

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  • TheMG

    I have way too much responsibility. I am an admin on 15 wikis. This is why I believe I must quit on many of them. I will still visit on occasions, but will no longer be an admin on those wikis. I will still be an admin on the following wikis and why:

    • Wikitroid: Where I started out
    • MarioWiki: Just got b'crat status
    • Pokemon Wiki: This wiki has A LOT of vandalism.
    • Chibi Robo Wiki: I founded this wiki.
    • Gaming Music Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo
    • Super Monkey Ball Wiki: Same as Chibi Robo and Gaming Music
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  • KyleH

    Introducing: Magazine Creator

    October 14, 2009 by KyleH

    • Use the magazine creator widget on the left to access the MagCloud toolbar. Just browse the wiki and add any articles you'd like in your magazine by clicking the “add” button.
    • Rearrange your articles in the perfect order - Klingon weapons, favorite NASCAR drivers, best COD weapons or whatever you like!
    • Design a cover, either by using our easy cover generator or uploading an image of your own.
    • Then, publish your magazine directly to MagCloud. From there you can order as many copies as you like for you and your friends!

    Magazine Creator is live for most English-language wikis that use the Monaco skin. As always, if you have any thoughts / questions, please leave a comment below!

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  • Lcawte

    Tehflare Fantasy World

    October 14, 2009 by Lcawte

    Today saw a brand new blog hit the web.


    Tehflare is a fantasy world inspired by the Constructed Fantasy Worlds wiki. It was set up by Lcawte, and the blog aims to have a picture a day posted with some information on the Subject. The blog and its content may reflect the way the writer is feeling and whats happened to him throughout his day. For example, if the writer has had a bad day, and he's upset, he may post about poverty or slavery in his world. On another day, if he's angry, he may post about torture chambers or battles that take place in Tehflare.

    Visit now!

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  • Cizagna

    Testing Blogs V2

    October 12, 2009 by Cizagna

    Lorem Itsum

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  • Cizagna

    Testing Blogs

    October 12, 2009 by Cizagna

    Lorem Itsum

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  • The tobi lover!

    Who likes emos?

    October 9, 2009 by The tobi lover!

    hey it's my first time on this and it's kinda strange but also kool! Emos are so kool i want to b one! maybe, kinda, probley not but still?

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