• Stevenator Sand

    How do i add Facebook Like boxes?

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  • Joshualeverburg1

    After putting up over 40 pages myself on my wiki I need a way to bring my wiki into view or at least bring attention to it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • MouseyRose

    Too much and Too little.

    January 20, 2012 by MouseyRose

    Okay so you would not believe what happened to me this week. Actually no I won't tell you. Its too embarassing. But how have you been? Write me!

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  • Gumball2

    We Did It

    January 20, 2012 by Gumball2

    Well folks we have done it. Earlier today, Congress has pulled the SOPA ana PIPA bills. In other words, SOPA and PIPA are DEAD! So celebrate now by sharing how you feel.

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  • Ckorem

    Хм... ну это, вроде как, она самая - первая запись! =)

    Интересно, что из этого всего выйдет...

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  • ExplodingSoda

    Look! Search It on Google!, Do you see MegaUpload! Shut down! I get fast downloads of free software there!

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  • Fargo84

    WWII Wiki

    January 20, 2012 by Fargo84

    Well this is the area to promote wikis so I will post this wiki. The WWII Wiki , (better description can be found on the Lifestyle Wiki) is a wiki about everything that includes WWII. We cover pre-war events that had an effect on WWII, weapons from WWII, vehicles/aircraft/ships from WWII, battles, people, companies that supplied the armed forces, equipment, uniforms, etc and we need editors. Our policy pages are set up and we have a good structure. Our main problems are too many stubs, the categories are not very well organized (they need to be checked over and restructured), and some problems with format. The main way of deciding things is by submiting a topic to the Council of Wiki decisions which make only the large decisions such as co…

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  • Meighan

    Everyday we have new users joining Wikia who are excited to share their knowledge and get involved in the many communities we have here — which is awesome! But let's face it, if you aren't already familiar with wiki editing — building a wiki can be a little daunting for your everyday newbie. We'd like to make building and creating wikis less difficult for new users.

    As the Community Manager of Founder Experience, I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help newbie founders and make their lives easier here at Wikia. Everyday, I talk to our users about how we can make this happen and see what they think. Back in October I had a conversation with Cook Me Plox from the RuneScape wiki about this very issue: helping newbies. He mentioned …

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  • IBored22

    Hello To All Wikia Users,

    I hope we stand up against SOPA/PIPA. Stop Censorship and have the rights to gain free access to internet connections. We must help every citizen in all over the world. I know I'm not from America (But I'm not joining protests but I know I can help in the internet with other people.) but yes; It's all over the whole world so why not other help? Because other people from outside of America didn't know this would happen. They would just go to sites. But when the law is passed we'll be all getting sued for every move in the cyber world. So please, I hope you understand this. I hope you help for the sake of internet users. Read more >
  • Timeoin

    Thank you to Wikia Staff!

    January 19, 2012 by Timeoin

    I would just like to publicly thank the Wikia Staff here.

    Recently, my wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki went dark in protest to the SOPA/PIPA Bills, alongside the Call of Duty Wiki.

    We experienced a little bit of a problem when doing so, with different users experiencing different reactions (some users could still see the site, others got a black site, others a white one, initially). I would like to thank the staff members, particularly Sansse, who helped Elchzard and myself work out what it was that we did wrong.

    Know that it was very greatly appreciated :)

    As for the bill itself - well, quite a number of senators and congress members in the US have actively switched their support of the bill to opposition of the bill, purely as a result of the i…

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