Pinoyaj1995 Pinoyaj1995 30 November 2020

I would like to Go back to Editing Logopedia again

Hello, everyone

My name is AJ (aka.PinoyAj1995), I am 100% to look some logos online because I'm am really good at it, I'm going to report that TheRobloxGuy9009 for Blocking me for no reason, but TheRobloxGuy9009 Called me a "Sockpuppet" for nothing, I am not a Sockpuppet because, I read all Logopedia Rules online. I really hate calling me a Sockpuppet and I am a good person because I always enjoying the Logopedia for editing as a good ways, people all the Logopedia Admins keeps hating me for nothing about "Replacing SVG with PNG" on the logopedia. Promise I am not a Bad Person, would you like to help me and I'm going back to logopedia for editing again to solve a issue, but TheRobloxGuy9009 blackmailing me, banning me, hating me for stupid…

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LuigiMaster41 LuigiMaster41 30 November 2020

Luigi's Mansion Wiki

Hello! I am LuigiMaster41, and I would like to present to you the Luigi's Mansion Wiki!

The Luigi's Mansion Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Nintendo series, Luigi's Mansion, where the main character is Mario's green-hatted brother that's always been under Mario's shadow, Luigi! However, this time, this series is his turn to shine! The wiki was created in 2010, and this year marks the 10th year of providing haunted content for all viewers!

The main character of the series is Luigi, and it is mainly about exploring haunted mansions, and capturing different types of ghosts with brilliant inventions by the crazed professor, Professor Elvin Gadd. Such as the Poltergust 3000, 5000 and G-00 in three different games! The main antagonist is King Boo an…

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 30 November 2020

How to show Leadership as the Wiki Founder

Hey guys, welcome to this blog! In this blog, I will be showing you how to show Leadership as Wiki Founder! Wiki Founders have an extra tag named “Founder”, together with Administrator (commonly referred as ()

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 29 November 2020

Administrator’s Help Guide

Hi, welcome to the blog! In here, you can find advice on how to be a good administrator for your favourite community!

In order to become an administrator, you need to be a respectful member of the community. You might also need to be a moderator first, under circumstances, and it’s quite usual in some wiki communities. You also need a bureaucrat, or anyone with certain global roles, to promote you to administrator. You can also get the role by adopting an inactive wiki, or Creating a new Wiki (you get bureaucrat with administrator rights if you create a wiki, and sometimes you get it to if you adopt it). Personally I recommend you to be at an advanced level of editing before applying, or it might end up difficult for you.

If you are now an adm…

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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 29 November 2020

FANDOM Wiki Adoption Form Suggestion

Hey there! Nothing much in this blog, just a Wiki Adoption Form Suggestion. If you’re a fandom staff, it would be appreciated if you update the Wiki Adoption Form. Thanks!

  • What is your username?
  • What is the topic about the wiki?
  • Present the link to the Wiki.
  • How many edits have you done on that wiki?
  • How long have you joined the wiki?
  • What would be your preferred role on the wiki?
  • How do you plan to improve the wiki?
  • Why do you want to improve the wiki?
  • When was the last edit made by an admin, and who was it?
  • State any other notes:

BaconBoi1111 talk (

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BGS Community ~Helper~ BGS Community ~Helper~ 29 November 2020

YouTube Fan Content Wiki - Looking for Editors

Hi there! I’m BGS Community ~Helper~, not an official helper, just a person who helps out in many wikis! I’ve made this new wiki named the YouTube Fan Content Wiki, where you can make fan content about YouTube! It’s a new community, didn’t really build it much, just did the CSS 1-2 days ago. If you’re up to wiki-building, I can give you administrator rights there.

YouTube Fan Content Wiki; link to wiki.

Thanks for reading and if you join, it would be most appreciated!

BGS Community ~Helper~ (talk)

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Flyshot Flyshot 29 November 2020


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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 28 November 2020

How to build a successful Community

Hello, welcome to this blog! I’m going to give some advice on how to build a successful community! Most of the newly-made community running on Unified Community Platform gives default Wiki Rules, and a Main Page design.

  • 1 Before you Start
  • 2 Make the articles!
  • 3 Customise!
  • 4 Advertise and share!
  • 5 Create a Profile!

Think of a topic and a good name for your wiki! For example, a better name for “Guides and Tutorials Wiki” can be “Community Development Help Wiki” (don’t try that out, there is already Fandom Developers Wiki, please). You can also plan out what are you going to include in the wiki!

First, create your main page! It is the key page, as new and visiting people will definitely reach this page first. Give an introduction, description, and some o…

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SapadorCastelo SapadorCastelo 28 November 2020

Search bar in Discussions won't open result in a new tab

On legacy and UCP wikis, when we see the drop down results under the search bar (after typing the first 3 or 4 letters), clicking on one of those results with the MIDDLE mouse button or with CTRL + left click does open the wanted page in a new tab.

Well, not if we do the search on Discussions and:

1) (minor annoyance) Use CTRL + left click: this open the page in the same tab.

2) (hard bug) Use the MIDDLE mouse button while searching for a page that is not in the main namespace. For example, if we are at Community Central (CC) ( ) and we search for "Help:URL", clicking on the suggestion with the middle button will open a new tab, but it will try to find the URL "help:URL" and not the full URL required starting w…

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MegaSteven1 MegaSteven1 27 November 2020

Promoting the Rap/HipHop Wiki.

Hello everyone! My name is David and I'm here for promoting my wiki called the Rap/HipHop Wiki. As you've guessed by the name, it's a wiki focused on rap and hip-hop. I created this wiki around 2 months ago along with my friend @Bishaarrp and since then, we, along with 2 other members, have added and edited 200+ pages to the wiki. The reason we created this wiki is to let people learn about this genre of music and also discuss and share thier enthusiasm with one another. We are planning on adding more articles and making this place an active hub for people to celebrate hip-hop. We are currently looking for more members and editors and we would greatly appreciate if you could visit our wiki and share your thoughts on it. Thank you for your t…

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