• Flyshot


    November 29, 2020 by Flyshot
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  • BaconBoi1111

    Hello, welcome to this blog! I’m going to give some advice on how to build a successful community! Most of the newly-made community running on Unified Community Platform gives default Wiki Rules, and a Main Page design.

    Think of a topic and a good name for your wiki! For example, a better name for “Guides and Tutorials Wiki” can be “Community Development Help Wiki” (don’t try that out, there is already Fandom Developers Wiki, please). You can also plan out what are you going to include in the wiki!

    First, create your main page! It is the key page, as new and visiting people will definitely reach this page first. Give an introduction, description, and some other information! Put in some photos too!

    After you have made the main page, your wiki …

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  • SapadorCastelo

    On legacy and UCP wikis, when we see the drop down results under the search bar (after typing the first 3 or 4 letters), clicking on one of those results with the MIDDLE mouse button or with CTRL + left click does open the wanted page in a new tab.

    Well, not if we do the search on Discussions and:

    1) (minor annoyance) Use CTRL + left click: this open the page in the same tab.

    2) (hard bug) Use the MIDDLE mouse button while searching for a page that is not in the main namespace. For example, if we are at Community Central (CC) ( ) and we search for "Help:URL", clicking on the suggestion with the middle button will open a new tab, but it will try to find the URL "help:URL" and not the full URL required starting w…

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  • MegaSteven1

    Hello everyone! My name is David and I'm here for promoting my wiki called the Rap/HipHop Wiki. As you've guessed by the name, it's a wiki focused on rap and hip-hop. I created this wiki around 2 months ago along with my friend @Bishaarrp and since then, we, along with 2 other members, have added and edited 200+ pages to the wiki. The reason we created this wiki is to let people learn about this genre of music and also discuss and share thier enthusiasm with one another. We are planning on adding more articles and making this place an active hub for people to celebrate hip-hop. We are currently looking for more members and editors and we would greatly appreciate if you could visit our wiki and share your thoughts on it. Thank you for your t…

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  • Pokeypoke0

    Why did this happen?

    November 27, 2020 by Pokeypoke0

    This only happened once, but While I was editing, I noticed I had gotten logged out while I was editing. Everytime I tried to edit it, It logged me out. I would like to know why this happened. Thanks!

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  • Would You Wrather


    November 26, 2020 by Would You Wrather

    My wiki is about WouldYouWrather(me) I and my sister are trying to become popular. This wiki points out how I have been the leaderboard owner of most IO games. I've been wanting my wiki to be promoted that way when people see me in a game they'd think "huh I wonder who he is" and they would search me up and find a website about me and my sister (alliwrote).

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  • SapadorCastelo

    You can better see the issue here (local CSS disabled on the link).

    Images on the first row and middle row left: UCP new thumbnails.
    Images on the middle row right and third row: legacy thumbs.

    Have thumbnails with the aspect ratio they had in legacy wikis, that is the one that fits better the vast majority of videos from Youtube, which is the uncontested undisputed undefeated video platform world wide, inclusive considering only the videos "added" to Fandom wikis.

    Example of these legacy beautiful thumbnails: [1], [2], [3].

    With no apparent reason, all videos added to UCP wikis, will generate their thumbnails with utterly annoying black bars on top and on bottom. It's as if they were trying to appear less retangle and more squarish... For what…

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  • YYYIsHere

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 26, 2020 by YYYIsHere

    Today is Thanksgiving Day!

    I just want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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  • AlphaBeta906

    I am so glad today to show you my latest and presumably the oldest project, the Alternate Territories Wiki! I know, I know, I made this blog again, but this time our wiki is on the verge of inactivity, so if you want to join this wiki, press the link above. However, if you want an in-depth explanation of this wiki, it will come up in a bit.

    The Alternate Territories Wiki is a network of territories (defined here as countries, cities, states, and alliances) and events (wars and treaties) connected by worlds and links. This wiki began on December 27th, 2019, when I was fascinated by mapping and alternate-history in general. This wiki has reached the 200-page milestone recently and is on the verge of the 300-page milestone. However, due to dra…

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  • YYYIsHere

    I think I like this wiki

    November 25, 2020 by YYYIsHere

    I know I'm new to Community Central, but say. I like this wiki. Not only are all of the Fandom users are on it, but you can also discuss your worries with other admins. Also, I am new here. You can greet me.

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