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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 8 December 2020

A change to Blogs on Community Central

Hey gang!

Just a short announcement from me today. We have changed the permission set on Community Central today and restricted the blog creation permission to moderators and up. This is due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of blogs created on Community Central are either spam or in the wrong place.

This is the first step we’re taking in a multi-step plan with our admin team to make Community Central more focused and less noisy.

The ability to reply to blog posts is unchanged. The ability to create blog posts on your wikis has not changed. This was simply about creating new blog posts on this specific wiki.


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WikipediaUserbox WikipediaUserbox 8 December 2020

Have some ucp talk here

Talk about ucp here

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Hiimcoollol Hiimcoollol 8 December 2020

Abuse Filter keeps blocking me for no reason

i don't know what happens but literally made like 5 accounts and the abuse filter blocks me for "page blanking" which im pretty sure i never done or it was upon accident

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Palmboi Palmboi 8 December 2020

Why UCP is good

This is not meant to hate any other thing. This is just my opinion. You may have other opinions. I just want to say this.

UCP a is good because we can actually update it. Also I noticed that Legacy can be laggy.

  • 1 Live chat
  • 2 Automated messages
  • 3 Now the good stuff about UCP
    • 3.1 Less confusing admin dashboard
    • 3.2 Time limits for user rights
    • 3.3 Less laggy editor
    • 3.4 Conclusion

Live chat was an outdated piece of crap that nobody uses because of something called discord. You all are complaining because it’s gone but you never used it( Don’t worry I used to also be like this.)

The automated messages are just a way to annoy somebody by responding. It also is annoying for admins to keep on explaining that it is an automated message. Since I joined fandom I hate…

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Amelia GamePlayz Amelia GamePlayz 8 December 2020

Adopt Me Fan Ideas Wiki: In need of editors!

Hey there. I'm the founder of the Adopt Me Fan Ideas Wiki. I have founded the wiki on 8th December, 2020.

Adopt Me is a ROBLOX game developed by DreamCraft. It was built at 2017 and has 18B+ visits. There are around 300,000 players in the game per day and got favourited 17.2M times! It was last updated at December 1st, 2020.

Adopt Me Fan Ideas Wiki is to create fan-made concepts and items including pets, potions, upgrades, eggs, shop and maybe even a whole update! The wiki is dead, and we need you to make it alive. It has 168 edits by 0 active users to 1 articles, with 1 image uploaded and 1 administrator(s) operating the wiki.

Please note that it is only for Fan Content! To see the official Adopt Me! Wiki, see Adopt Me! Wiki. Real pages on the…

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ArchAngel217 ArchAngel217 7 December 2020

Complaint About Those Complaining About UCP

1. All right, I really hate it when people complain about UCP, it makes me sick. Those of you complaining about it, just shut up. Higher-ups like C.Syde, Tupka, and Mr. Woodhouse ( not necassarily in that order ) have put up with it for so long, which is an amazing feat; those guys are awesome. Anyways, UCP is not all bad like the complainers say. Wikis still have a lot of benificial traits, though Legacy may have been a bit better. 

2. As of December of 2020, UCP IS UNFINISHED. If you're still gonna complain about it, you might as well suggest things that could make it better, e.g. "bring back classic editor." 

3. ( This one is not related to UCP ) Sorry, I know that I talk like an admin, I'm not one. It just makes me sick when people criti…

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3RR0R123S4NS 3RR0R123S4NS 7 December 2020

3RR0R 123 S4NS

No se sabe mucho de este sans lo único k se sabe es que se creo en el antivoid


*Tiene una cuerdas como las de 404 sans estas son mas fuertes k las de el.

Es mas fuerte que los siguientes sans:

True Insanity Sans

Alpha Corruption

Glitch 504

Dust Error 404

B.U.T.T.E.RF.L.Y Sans

Nightmare error sans

Dust error sans

Pandora (no es un sans pero lo pongo por que es una de las cucharas mas fuerte de los au)

True 404 Sans

Fissure Sans

Delta Sans

Virus God 404 Sans

God 404 Sans

Error 505 Sans

y god 404 fusionado con virus god 404 sans

es mas fuerte que el ultimo por infinito .


*Manipulación de la gravedad, retribución karmica , control sobre todas las almas.

*Ultra Omega Blasters estos blaster son del tamaño de una ciudad y puede borrar planetas co…

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Palmboi Palmboi 7 December 2020

Stay safe online.

It's me Palm or Palmboi! I decided to do a blog post about how to practice online safety and why you should be aware of what you are posting!

If you aren't careful, strangers can know stuff that you don't want them to know. It can be used against you later when you get a job and there are many more dangers.

  • If you reveal your address a stranger can come to your house and you wouldn't want that, right?
  • If you post photos of you people can more easily find you and you wouldn't want somebody to be like "Hey that's TheRandomUsernameThatIsVeryRandom on FANDOM" when you are walking on the street. Note that I just chose a random username and sorry if that account does exist.


  • Never say your age if you are under 13.

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ArchAngel217 ArchAngel217 7 December 2020

Founding a Wiki

Normally, when you're first starting out, you'll want to check out the Admin Dashboard. Its icon appears at the top of the main page. Its icon looks like a line in the middle of a circle with a crooked line poking out of the top. Decide whether or not you want Message Walls or Talk Pages by toggling Message Walls. You can also toggle User Blogs, Article Comments, Log-in requirements, and the Europa Infobox Theme. There is also an accomplished tasks menu which you can expand with a quick link under it.

Appoint users that you trust to follow and enforce rules as admins via the Special:UserRights page. It's also a good idea to appoint users with coding experience as admins. Make sure that your admins have made a good number of edits ( at least…

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MisoddgirLHMJJ MisoddgirLHMJJ 7 December 2020

weLcome to my bLog!~


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