• Unknown11223345

    I want to find out how I can get in contact with a certain admin. I have some questions I want to ask GreyWolf2 and I don't want to harass the admin. Please tell me how I can get in contact with this  admin

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  • Musabock

    Very in the secondary slide ffor the new blog of musssse since ffor the content checkk uss on youtube ibrahim TRV // CanadaSScope49 TV

    If you're watching this 

    you musst rage this post out.

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  • OleandertheLeafWing

    We need to ban this guy's IP. His username is WhatsUpGuysAdamLanzaHere. He's done terrible things on FANDOM.

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  • Satisfying Siena


    July 7, 2020 by Satisfying Siena

    Does anyone know how to change their password because I'm having trouble doing it. 

    Hi Everyone, people call me Satisfying. For some reason that is not my name. My name is Claire. 


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  • AlphaBeta906

    Hello guys, I am AlphaBeta906 but you can call me Alpha. I would like to share my latest project of mine Alternate Territories Wiki . I am making this to show my appreciation for my wiki and my passion for alt history and territories like countries and alliances.

    The wiki was founded in estimated January 20 for my passion for alt territories and flags. This grew from 2 pages in February to a whopping 60 for now. We have made worlds and side-worlds

    This wiki is for now a "admin controlled" wiki but we are trying to make a council of people that rotates every year, a UN type government and equality of all people.

    The wiki when I posted this blog has 5 admins most of them are my friends and 63 pages most of them made from me and a Discord commun…

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  • TheAmazingCrafter

    We have over 1,400 pages and we are looking for some users to come help and contribute to the wiki! We focus on building a community where it is kind, safe, and family-friendly! We have amazing staff members and we always have some sort of competition going on! Come visit!

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    I need your help we need to go to anoher wiki to "help" there wiki grow come along!

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  • Birdelicious

    About Eszett

    July 6, 2020 by Birdelicious

    Eszett is a group of gamers that joined this multi-game group. The name "Eszett" comes from the letter Eszett, Eszett looks like ß. It's pronounced like a double S. We invite people in the games we are open to. Once a player joins, we invite them to our Discord server. There are no specific requirements to join, but there are requirements to compete in our global competitions. Join our group.

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hey gang!

    One feature which will not be making the jump from legacy Fandom to the Unified Community Platform is a feature called Shared Help. We’re making a specific callout about this because of the nature of the feature and how you might have some content which needs saving. Thankfully, we’ve managed to put in a very easy code change to make sure your content will not be lost with this change.

    Shared Help basically takes Help pages from here on Community Central and transcludes them to Help pages on your individual wikis.

    We’re replacing those transcluded local Help pages with redirects to their Community Central sources, allowing users to come where they can get the best platform help and staff attention, rather than unintentionally placin…

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  • GrandFleent56

    I just need to know how to change email.

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