• ThomasTheTrainFan11


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  • DragonSpore18

    United we stand

    March 27, 2020 by DragonSpore18

    When our world is in a time of crisis, it is our duty to take a stand and fight the deadly virus that's infecting everyone. Our place is in God's hands and together with his almighty power, we will put an end to this outbreak!

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  • Skyline97

    I noticed more and more people are complaining that their wikis got closed for some reason here, so I'm just going to give the most common reasons your wiki might get closed.

    If your wiki is only just spam or contains extremely obscene, hateful and sexual topics with pictures, don't expect it to last long. You will also get globally blocked for it too.

    If you and your community are inactive on your wiki, and made very few edits and pages there, expect the wiki to be closed. However, if a wiki has an inactive community, but has a lot of edits and pages, it'll most likely not be closed by FANDOM staff. I think that wikis with at least 50 or more pages with an inactive community are more likely to not be closed than wikis with less than 50 pages…

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  • Voice101

    own creations: 

    1. Scp 7256-x is a drawing from Scp 7256 (sketchbook) and is a euclid class Scp and is to be contained in a 10x10ft box with 72 inch thick steel and tesla towers at the 4 corners of the box the only way to acsess the drawing is with a lvl 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 key card all put in their slots at the same time. if there is a breach in the Scp containment unit activte procedure Pluto 6, if else fails activate alfa, bravo, charlie, and encoure warheads. make sure the Scp is still in the site before activateing proticall pluto 6. if Scp not in the site have all MTF, NTF, and d-class with MTF escortes serch a 6 mile raidius around the site. have helecopters ready at all times in case of breach. have warhead activaiton buttons in outer…

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  • Josipven


    March 27, 2020 by Josipven


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  • CoryMcduck

    Yesterday Night- I had a dream that went like this: it started out somewhere at a park with picnic tables, a guy was on a date with his girlfriend, there was a kiss and the dream suddenly swapped to a long hallway that was too narrow for me to fit through, and I saw Spike floating in mid air, and the dream ended four seconds after Spike said “I’m not leaving her! 

    10:56-hey guys, it’s me again, I read my dream story Just now and I now the events in the story all came together, I was the guy the girl that was with me was my girlfriend, BANG!!! My mind is now blown, it’s gonna take a while for me to find the pieces. 

    11:01-my papers are collected now, so it's time for bed, goodnight!!

    (there will be a movie created from this post I will start …

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  • TheElectricMarioFan296

    FANDOM staff, please may I have achievements on my wiki?

    Link to the home page

    Page you may create (achievements customise page)

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  • Mineahedani


    March 26, 2020 by Mineahedani

    El running, jogging o simplemente correr es la actividad física que consiste en correr de manera continua a una velocidad variable y que se suele realizar al aire libre.

    En los últimos años ha crecido la popularidad de este deporte debido a los beneficios físicos y mentales que aporta al cuerpo, ademas de la facilidad para practicarlo.

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  • Pikaapikapika

    Unblock requests

    March 26, 2020 by Pikaapikapika

    There have been blogs about how to get unblocked before, but this one is about unblock requests themselves. You know from other blogs what place you put them in. But where in the place do you put them?

    If you are using your message wall, you might as well create a new thread, rather than just replying to the thread about being blocked (if there is one). This blog dosen't have a huge purpose, but it's just looking further in requesting to be unblocked.

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  • Mazer947

    Hello people! Ever wonder how I became a huge fan of Zelda. Of course not! You didn't even know I liked Zelda until you came across this blog post! But, I was bored. So I decided to do this. Enjoy and comment what you think!

    It all started back in 2016, (not too long ago), Me and my family were sitting in a restaurant and my dad showed me the commercial for the Nintendo switch. Don't ask what restaurant!  That was four years ago. I don't remember, all I remember is that it was a restaurant and my dad showed me the commercial for the Nintendo switch. I was pretty excited for this console to come out. Anyway, when the switch finally released, I could not wait to get it. Sometime after the switch was released, my PawPaw bought a switch! Howeve…

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