• MisterWoodhouse

    Hey gang!

    March has been a whirlwind of a month for most of the world. We’re privileged to have things running smoothly here at Fandom, continuing to serve our communities and working hard on delivering Unified Community Platform updates.

    This month saw the first few releases for the Unified Community Platform, which is still only for new wikis on Fandom. We love how much feedback we’ve received from our adventurous editors. Be sure to keep an eye on the Technical Updates board for our release highlights.

    As we get closer to the Simple Wiki Migration stage, we’ll have more blogs detailing big feature deployments.

    Can't believe I forgot this when I published...

    In the wake of so many gaming conventions getting cancelled and postponed due to COVI…

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  • Billyzilla

    vist my wiki

    March 31, 2020 by Billyzilla

    godzilla plushie buddies

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  • Avatarknowledge

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  • Rocitizens

    As of today, 3/30/20, Rocitizens is under no theme.  The newest update is for cars, 8/12 was redone, new car Padlin for 6 seats.  A garage furniture set was added, Spencer Auto was updated, but you can not add modifications their.  To do modifycations, go to Wheels and Deals auto Shop.  





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  • MrSpikesss

    Wordmark Help!

    March 30, 2020 by MrSpikesss

    Hello! I've been slowly building my own wiki, (find it here) and i've recently had some issues and quetions about wordmarks. Wikis I often go on, such as Jurassic Park wiki have nice wordmarks, however when i try and resize and enter my new design, it is either too big, small, or the wrong file type. My main setback right now is that my logo is WAY too small and compressed. Does anyone here have any ideas, advice or ANYTHING really so i can make my logo bigger or design a new one. My wiki is about extinct life, it is called Prehistoric wiki.

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  • MagentaHu


    March 30, 2020 by MagentaHu

    Hello! I have a current wiki that I am working on called (OSBW) Omega Saga - Blockate Wiki. You can search it up by searching "Omega Saga Blockate" or "Omega Saga Blockate Wiki" and it should pull up "(Page name here) | OSBW / Omega Saga Blockate Wiki | Fandom" somewhere, so come check it out! It's got plenty of pages of the show and game that I'm making and remember it's WIP! Anyway, have fun checking it out!

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  • Tania1988

    March 30, 2020 by Tania1988

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  • Jskylinegtr

    Hello everyone, I am currently fixing a wiki about DIVAS - a Filipino girl group composed of Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Yeng Constantino and Angeline Quinto. DIVAS Wiki. As of now, i have updated their members' articles, as well as their concert articles.

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  • M.tkaczyk

    ==Składniki ilość porcji: 6 ==

    • 2 szklanki zielonej lub brązowej soczewicy
    • 2 liście laurowe
    • 3 ziarna ziela angielskigo
    • 300 g wędzonego boczku
    • 2 łyżki oliwy (opcjonalnie)
    • 1 cebula, drobno pokrojona
    • 1/2 opakowania mrożonej włoszczyzny
    • 1 puszka krojonych pomidorów
    • 4 garście świeżego szpinaku (opcjonalnie)
    • sól i pieprz do smaku
    • 1/2 łyżeczki majeranku
    • 2 ząbki czosnku, zgniecione
    • 1/2 łyżeczki kuminu
    • 1/2 łyżeczki papryki czerwonej w proszku

    ==Sposób przygotowania Przygotowanie: 10min.  ›  Gotowanie: 45min.  ›  Gotowe w: 55min. ==

    1. Soczewicę przepłukać na sicie pod bieżącą wodą, przełożyć do garnka zalać wodą i gotować na niewielkim ogniu do miękkości razem z liśćmi laurowymi i zielem angielskim. Jeśli wody będzie za bardzo ubywać należy ją uzupełnić
    2. Boczek pokroić …
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  • Ferfreddy777


    March 28, 2020 by Ferfreddy777


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