• Dawnsterplayz thank you @turtlebread271 for creating a official wiki.

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  • MaxelMix

    My honest opinion on UCP

    September 22, 2020 by MaxelMix

    I’m gonna 🐝 honest, a while ago I thought UCP was going to be a total flop.

    As stuff got added, my mind started to change, I started to have good feelings that UCP was gonna be better than we thought.

    They’ve added blog posts and comments, even the classic editor!

    If templates and polls are getting added then it’s gonna be better.

    I first hated the fact that these changes were gonna happen without us deciding or being warned right away.

    But boy was I wrong.

    You’ve really did good Fandom.

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  • ThatSans

    add chat to ucp

    September 22, 2020 by ThatSans

    right now

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  • Aestheticxgirlz


    September 22, 2020 by Aestheticxgirlz

    Imagine flying to China but then they don’t let you in so you have to be homeless for a few days because you can’t get a fly back to your country 😂 I just thought of that. I have a joke. :) what did the little shrimp say when he wasn’t sharing his toys? “Sorry, I’m a little shellfish!” 🦐 🍤

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  • Jose Dami


    September 22, 2020 by Jose Dami



    I am Jose Coetzee and there's a little about me including my likes and dislikes.

    I am a new Carmed generation fan. I love watching anime and watching all forms of magic series. I hate horror movies or anime.  

    I love planting with my grandmother and caring for the earth. One day I want to become an agriculturer but for now, I will stick to blogging and studying. Speaking of which this is my first time blogging in my life.

    I hope of traveling to Paris(France), Japan, Rio, and some of the forests in America to seek the new inspiration of life and Mother Natures wonders. I believe that nature brings peace and love, hope, and faith and it also helps for meditation purposes.

    Well, that is a few things about me. Next time I will talk …

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    For context, we paused Unified Community Platform migrations at the end of August to put "all hands on deck" for critical development to resolve some blockers. Read more about that here.

    Hey gang!

    I am very happy to announce that, in addition to the critical bugs getting fixed, our teams have also successfully released our first version of the new Social Activity Feed as well as the 2010 Editor onto the Unified Community Platform.

    You will now see tabs in Recent Changes for Social Activity (Message Wall and Article Comments) and Image Activity (Special:NewFiles).

    Social Activity gives you a look into recent changes on Message Wall and Article Comments, with useful links for context.

    Image Activity loads Special:NewFiles within the tab structure…

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    Hello guys welcome to my blog......By the way I am Anushka Rai and I am from India I am even a Twilight fan so,if anybody wants to discuss or ask me anything about even PLEASE do ask.....annnnnnnnd I willl be posting all of my adventures while playing choices so don't forget to check out my blog every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and I hope that you all are happy, smiling and sexy as hell 💋💋💋💝💝💝 buh byeeeeee.......

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  • Dawnsterplayz


    September 22, 2020 by Dawnsterplayz

    i wonder if you can create a translation for your own profile, cause i need mine real bad, or does fandom automatically translate everything?!?!

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  • EpicAlexisMaxwell

    I only wanted to go to community central to speak up to FANDOM. If you heard about me on Progressbar95 Wiki, you might know that I like using tabber, and I discovered that Progressbar95 Wiki, as of when I joined the wiki, doesn't use tabber. I was left confused, so I decided to help change the wiki by focusing on tabbers to merge some of the wiki's articles. Then, I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and I discovered that the If tabber doesn't work on your device, then let me speak up to FANDOM. FANDOM, I know phones have limitations, but this one is outrageous: The tabber function, my favorite function and the life-changing function, does not work on those mobile devices. FANDOM, you have 69 days (or until November 29, 2020) to make a patch o…

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  • IntelFAN6

    Help me, I cannot sign on my old account anymore, because i accidentaly uninstalled New Microsoft Edge, the only browser that i can sign my account on, im using old microsoft edge, and fandom said ERROR, tried to sign my old account, and it's don't work, i cannot install it again because low disk space, i have moved all of my files and programs to another virtual hard drive, and my c drive keep filling up for nothing, the problem is unstoppable, i can't fix it.

    The Old account name is: IntelInside5

    please dont ask me about "email" thing

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