• YAY0PHET0SIMULATIONS0oe0ligiture

    I actually worked hard on the wikis. The wikis are supposed to be jokes, but i did work hard on it. reuploads and new account coming soon

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  • JustABoyAnimator


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  • JustABoyAnimator


    July 10, 2020 by JustABoyAnimator

    I'm new

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  • Lemur003


    July 10, 2020 by Lemur003

    Mam dużego 

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  • Umaplex12

    As you might know, GOOGOLOGYFOREVERYONE no longer exists for unknown reasons, it was an alternate version of this wiki where no one needed sources to post. I remember some of the pages on it

    LLdeaf cool number



    we need to find out what happened

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  • Drizzleclaws

    FanWings: Hello!

    July 9, 2020 by Drizzleclaws

    Hi! I am a fellow FanWing from Wings of Fire.

    I believe that every Wings of Fire character did something good in a way. I like every character in a way too. Without Darkstalker, we would never have the dreamvisitors. Without Morrowseer, the tribes would still be at war. Without Queen Scarlet, Chemeleon would be free in the world and would've done dangerous things with his scroll. Comment if you agree!

    Fandom is by far the best website I have ever seen. It tells me more trivia about Wings of Fire, and as a FanWing, I know more.

    Please comment anything on this!


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  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls Remastered

    Here is a wiki I made just to post Fan art and questions 

    The reason why I created it it's because the mlp eg wiki has no discussion oage

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  • My Little Pony Equestria Girls Remastered

    It's amazing

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  • Elevenblue

    Leaving Fandom

    July 9, 2020 by Elevenblue

    Hi everyone. I would like to inform you all that I am taking a break from FANDOM. Here is why: 

    1. Splaat was blocked globally, and I'm not sure why, but either way, I'm 99% sure the blame is on FurryTrash. I'm not happy with this and it's making me annoyed, I want to try and get him unblocked but I don't think anyone will listen to me. 

    2. I'm annoyed about things related to the Horrible Music & Songs Wiki and the Best Music Wiki. Here's why. A lot of the people there hate Billie Eilish for no good reason. I should be able to respect opinions but I really can't this time.

    3. Drama has been a huge part of many wikis and I'm not okay with it.

    Anyway, there are some things I would like to say. First of all, I'd like DrinkTea to take good care of…

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  • Rufuc Administrator

    hi admins! me not an admin but i will give u infirmation i love your admin. be good and dont block many moderator block only the player angry you are.

    im would be saying: Si está creando un blog para su proyecto escolar, por favor no cree su blog aquí. Este no es el lugar para su tarea. Tal lugar sería

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