• 3RR0R123S4NS

    3RR0R 123 S4NS

    December 7, 2020 by 3RR0R123S4NS

    No se sabe mucho de este sans lo único k se sabe es que se creo en el antivoid


    • Tiene una cuerda como las de error sans estas son mas fuertes k las del 404 y de omni sans.
    • Manipulación de la gravedad, manipulación del alma, retribución karmica, control sobre todas las almas.
    • Pose Ultra Omega Blasters estos blaster son del tamaño de una ciudad y puede borrar países con el (no lo utiliza mucho), tiene gaster al igual k el sans classic

    estos son mas fuertes k los de omni sans, tiene Giant Gasters todos sus gaster son de un color negro con ojos de color rojo, los gaster tiene cuerdas en sus ojos al igual k 123.

    • Poséela habilidad de gaster Monótono puede invocar 10 manos y son mas fuertes k las de gaster sobrepasan el poder de omni sans.
    • Pose…
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  • Palmboi

    Stay safe online.

    December 7, 2020 by Palmboi

    It's me Palm or Palmboi! I decided to do a blog post about how to practice online safety and why you should be aware of what you are posting!

    If you aren't careful, strangers can know stuff that you don't want them to know. It can be used against you later when you get a job and there are many more dangers.

    • If you reveal your address a stranger can come to your house and you wouldn't want that, right?
    • If you post photos of you people can more easily find you and you wouldn't want somebody to be like "Hey that's TheRandomUsernameThatIsVeryRandom on FANDOM" when you are walking on the street. Note that I just chose a random username and sorry if that account does exist.


    • Never say your age if you are under 13.

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  • ArchAngel217

    Founding a Wiki

    December 7, 2020 by ArchAngel217

    Normally, when you're first starting out, you'll want to check out the Admin Dashboard. Its icon appears at the top of the main page. Its icon looks like a line in the middle of a circle with a crooked line poking out of the top. Decide whether or not you want Message Walls or Talk Pages by toggling Message Walls. You can also toggle User Blogs, Article Comments, Log-in requirements, and the Europa Infobox Theme. There is also an accomplished tasks menu which you can expand with a quick link under it.

    Appoint users that you trust to follow and enforce rules as admins via the Special:UserRights page. It's also a good idea to appoint users with coding experience as admins. Make sure that your admins have made a good number of edits ( at least…

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  • MisoddgirLHMJJ

    weLcome to my bLog!~

    December 7, 2020 by MisoddgirLHMJJ


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  • Toddlmiles
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  • BaconBoi1111

    Choosing staff

    December 7, 2020 by BaconBoi1111

    Hey guys, welcome to the blog! In this blog, I will be giving advise on choosing staff members for your community. Most of the communities might choose staff randomly just because they have applied for it, or because the wiki is sort of 'dead', or that they only know how to edit. However, would anyone suspect them as people who vandalise? Would anyone know them as untrustworthy people? Perhaps not, because they are already a staff member. But then, you would never know if they have a hint of wanting to vandalise.

    Of course, I’m not telling you to suspect all the staff members in your community just because they have less than 100 edits or because they are the owner’s friend, or because they applied while the wiki was dead. But there might be …

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  • DiabolicalN52

    Help me out

    December 6, 2020 by DiabolicalN52

    I’m looking for an NYPD blue episode that I captured this frame from.

    If somebody knows what this is from, I’ll thank you for it.

    Theres this one episode I watched where in one part there was this guy (Who is in the image above) that stutters alot. three or four members were listening to what he was saying. He then was knocked out by the police, and I don’t know what happened next. I think maybe he got arested, but i don’t know. Tell me in the comments what the name of this episode is.

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  • Ponycatduckdog

    Hopefully, you won’t know how bad the age rule is. It’s limiting kid’s access to edit wikis and get blocked often. It’s mostly on the Prodigy Wiki because the game is for grades 1 to 8, and 7th and 8th graders are editing. I’m like, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? IT’S FOR GRADES 1 TO 8, NOT GRADES 7 AND 8! As far as I can see, the rule violates equal rights about age. It’s really ”Toxic”, and if you’re under the age of 13, you’ll be blocked (globally). No wonder COPPA’s so salty. It’s salt-o-meter grows every single minute. And geez, FANDOM should be for everyone.

    Admin Forum:Age-based block: was I right to do this?

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  • Mary Swan in Paris

    do not know

    December 5, 2020 by Mary Swan in Paris

    Hi everyone , 

    Do not know if anyone is going to see my post so i am little confused for what to write . Hmm... I really like music .  Some of my favourite singers are : Ariana Grade  [ i love her songs , some of them are so bossy and badass , but some of them are so releatable for the peolple who need to some space to feel free and loved  | ,  i also really like NF Real Music . He is one of the best rappers ever . In his songs he speak about real things in his life . One of my favourite albums is the Therapy Session . It is an incredible album  with really lovely songs . If you listen  to him  you will never regret it and you will find magical place where every thing means some thing and where is somebody that understand your feelings . Fi…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hey gang!

    What a month it’s been since we last… wait… it’s been 8 months since we did one of these? 2020, right?

    At the end of October and into early November, we held another one of our “edit jam” events, focusing on Halloween-related wikis. The event, Hocus Focus, was a lot of fun and helped improve 7 wikis. These “edit jams” are definitely a blast for us and we hope they are for you too!

    The Mandalorian returns and is still a monster hit, with the continued adventures of the eponymous bounty hunter and his little green friend sending Wookiepedia traffic way out beyond the Outer Rim!

    Wookieepedia has seen its traffic nearly double since Season 2 begin, which is a massive jump for one of our highest traffic wikis already. Some major fan favor…

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