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Eleventhdr Eleventhdr 14 July 2009

What If!:

a blog about multiply doctor who fan fiction short trips mulitply doctor who fan fiction all doctors and then some: i wan to do doctor who fan fiction multiply doctor who short trips style doctor who! anyone so interested please do contact me via my email:

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SirShade113 SirShade113 12 July 2009

Where is good Light Armor? such as Mithril, elven, and glass

Does anybody know where i can find the light armors glass, elven or mithril?

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Bzero Bzero 10 July 2009

"I have been blogging!"

Hm. This might actually be pretty useful for my wiki. I help run a multiplayer online text-based roleplaying MUX, and I plan to try using the blogging feature to archive our In-Character posts for future reference. They've been several times I've wanted off-MUX access to these posts, or on-MUX access once they're gone from our MUX database, so this will be a great chance to keep them where they can be edited and linked to and from the applicable pages. Kudos!

-- Bzero, Transformers Universe MUX Wiki

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Happy to see blog in Wikia

I am happy to see a blog in Wikia systems. I have dreamed to write blog articles here when I started to be an author of Wikipedia. I'll write my blog news here as frequent as possible.

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Ttibot Ttibot 4 July 2009

Templates display in visual editor

After some uses and feedback, it seems that the way templates are displayed currently in FCK is not user friendly, netheir advanced users friendly. I get the following problems :

  • User : "what is this yellow box ?"
  • User : "How can i change this content ? It doesn't appears anywhere..." (it's in this yellow box, lol)
  • Advanced user : "It is boring to right click when you need to modify a something insde a box."

With such a slution the best is not to use templetes anymore exept is a few cases (ie administration banners) . Yet some existing wikis already use templates a lot.

It's some time I'm thinking of a redesign of the boxes. I made an architectural proto in 5 min because I have to go (beurk text size...), yet tell me what you think about it.

In …

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Zapwire Zapwire 2 July 2009

Wikia's new "features" are bugs

The RTE, everyone knows it's a big disaster. I'd use stronger language, but I don't want this to be taboo.

New social features? These have to place in a wiki. I can see forums, as you need a place to organize talk pages. Not blogs. A wiki is not your personal stomping ground, in line with wiki topic or not. If you want a blog, get a real one like a WordPress one. You can customize, and be limited to the mind, (or software) not the service. Why do we need these anyways? Wikis are not a place to personal or over-social, it's a place to collaborate simply and edit.

I'm losing faith in you Wikia developers. The category editor was good, but you bundled it with the RTE. Mistake. If a good feature requires a really crappy feature, the good feature…

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DryGuy DryGuy 1 July 2009

Monobook is better then Monaco!

I asked a bunch of wikia users, and they all like Monobook better then Monaco. Would a wikia admin PLEASE make it possible for a wiki founder to change the default skin!? PLEASE? :(

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Bola Bola 30 June 2009

Anuncio: Artículos de blog

Visita la entrada original aquí

Este miércoles, lanzaremos dos nuevas funcionalidades: Wiki Blogs y el User Masthead

Wiki blogs es una nueva forma para que tu comunidad y tú contribuyan en el wiki. Los Wiki blogs son parecidos a los blogs normales en los que se publican entradas que son atribuidas a un autor en específico, tienen la hora en la que se redactaron y una sección de comentarios. El cambio del wiki es que todos los mensajes son combinados en un blog de la comunidad o en múltiples blogs definidos por categoría. Las entradas de los blogs y los comentarios se grabarán en el espacio de nombres Blog y seran mostrados en los Cambios Recientes.

Los blogs pueden ser usados para escribir opiniones personales sobre los artículos, anuncios para …

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Frode Fenis Frode Fenis 30 June 2009

Rich Text Editor - where can I check it out

I recently received a message about the new visual editor, which apparently would be enabled on every wikia-wiki. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to check it out, yet...Am I doing something wrong or is it a limited numbers of wikis, which has had the pleasure so far.-- 04:04, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 30 June 2009

Wiki fiction

thumb|300px|right|Video teaser for Cellular Civilization I'm pleased that Wikia is supporting blogging. Back in April I started a blog about the Fiction Wikia (originally called Novelas) and using wiki technology to support collaborative fiction writing. I'll be interested to see if this kind of "community blogging" will catch on among participants at the Fiction Wikia.

I wonder why the toolbar for blogging does not include the option for inserting a video? I'm going to go ahead and see if I can insert a video here. This video (to the right...hopefully!*) is for a story I wrote at the Fiction Wikia.

I'm glad Wikia has support for multimedia. Now that Firefox 3.5 supports play of ogg files, I hope we get a way to directly embed and play ogg f…

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