• DryGuy

    I asked a bunch of wikia users, and they all like Monobook better then Monaco. Would a wikia admin PLEASE make it possible for a wiki founder to change the default skin!? PLEASE? :(

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  • Bola

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    Este miércoles, lanzaremos dos nuevas funcionalidades: Wiki Blogs y el User Masthead

    Wiki blogs es una nueva forma para que tu comunidad y tú contribuyan en el wiki. Los Wiki blogs son parecidos a los blogs normales en los que se publican entradas que son atribuidas a un autor en específico, tienen la hora en la que se redactaron y una sección de comentarios. El cambio del wiki es que todos los mensajes son combinados en un blog de la comunidad o en múltiples blogs definidos por categoría. Las entradas de los blogs y los comentarios se grabarán en el espacio de nombres Blog y seran mostrados en los Cambios Recientes.

    Los blogs pueden ser usados para escribir opiniones personales sobre los artículos, anuncios para …

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  • Frode Fenis

    I recently received a message about the new visual editor, which apparently would be enabled on every wikia-wiki. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to check it out, yet...Am I doing something wrong or is it a limited numbers of wikis, which has had the pleasure so far.-- 04:04, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

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  • JWSchmidt

    Wiki fiction

    June 30, 2009 by JWSchmidt

    thumb|300px|right|Video teaser for Cellular Civilization I'm pleased that Wikia is supporting blogging. Back in April I started a blog about the Fiction Wikia (originally called Novelas) and using wiki technology to support collaborative fiction writing. I'll be interested to see if this kind of "community blogging" will catch on among participants at the Fiction Wikia.

    I wonder why the toolbar for blogging does not include the option for inserting a video? I'm going to go ahead and see if I can insert a video here. This video (to the right...hopefully!*) is for a story I wrote at the Fiction Wikia.

    I'm glad Wikia has support for multimedia. Now that Firefox 3.5 supports play of ogg files, I hope we get a way to directly embed and play ogg f…

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  • KyleH

    Announcing: Blog articles

    June 29, 2009 by KyleH

    Wednesday we will be launching two new features: Wiki Blogs and the User Masthead.

    Wiki blogs are a new way for you and your community to contribute to your wiki. Wiki blogs are similar to normal blogs in that posts are attributed to a single author, are time stamped, and have a comment section. The wiki twist is that all posts are combined together into a central community blog or multiple blogs defined by category. Blog posts and comments are recorded in the Blog namespace and are logged in Recent Changes.

    Blogs can be used to write personal opinion articles, community announcements, Top 10 Lists and fan fiction, just to name a few. We encourage each community to develop their own blog policies to encourage proper usage.

    A default Blog Listing…

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