• Toughpigs

    We're updating a feature on Wikia next week, making the "Create a new article" process a little easier for new contributors.

    The hardest thing about writing is staring at a blank page -- anyone who uses wikis knows that it's a lot easier to revise an existing page than to start one from scratch! That's especially true for new contributors, who aren't quite sure how to put their first wiki pages together.

    When the update launches next week, clicking on the "Create a new article" link in the sidebar will open a dialog box that asks for the title of the new article. The box also offers a "standard layout" for new pages, which includes an image placeholder and two section headings. If a contributor wants to start with a blank page instead, then …

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  • Sannse

    Hi All,

    As you’ve seen we are using the staff blog regularly now. And many more people are visiting to find out what’s happening on Wikia. But one big problem with the blog feature so far is that there's no easy way to know about a new blog post (although you can watch individual posts once they have been written and be notified of new comments.)

    There seem to be two possible solutions to this: we could add a RSS feed to the blogs, which would let you see new posts in your RSS reader, or we could add a watchlist function to blog listings. This would mean new posts would show on Special:Watchlist and trigger an email to those that have that option set.

    So the question is, which would you prefer? Which would you use most? All feedback appreciat…

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  • Wikisoft*


    January 27, 2010 by Wikisoft*
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  • Wikisoft*


    January 26, 2010 by Wikisoft*

    Welcome to Wikiasearch


    Accueil Main_Page Encyclopédie Images

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  • KyleH

    The future of Central Wikia

    January 23, 2010 by KyleH

    Hi everyone,

    Last month, Sannse posted on the forum to ask what you thought the future of Central should look like. It's a subject that we've been thinking about a lot at Wikia because we don't believe the current system supports the community in the best way possible. Today, I'd like to share some plans for the future of Central.

    First of all, the current Central will be split in to two different sites: 1) a corporate site, with information such as Wikia's "About Us" page and Terms of Use, and 2) a community site, designed to help Wikia community members find each other and find help. The corporate site will be entirely new, live at and have a custom skin and homepage designed to show off "what's hot" on Wikia and make it easi…

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  • Darth Stefan

    Vandaag zullen we beginnen het upgraden van de rich text bewerkers. De volgende wikis zullen vandaag de nieuwe bewerker krijgen: Twilight, Fallout, Borderlands, Muppet en alle nieuwe Engelse wiki die vandaag worden gecreëerd. We plannen de rest van de site voor begin januari.

    Hier staan een aantal hoogtepunten:

    • Veel sneller laden voor het bewerk scherm.
    • Afbeeldingen en video's zullen nu betrouwbare ingebouwde browser kunnen slepen en neerzetten.
    • Herwerkte artikel ontleden wat resulteert in minder tussenruimtes en opmaak van veranderingen in de onderliggende wikitekst.
    • Geavanceerde code (zoals sjablonen en parser tags) zullen worden weergegeven door een puzzel icoon in de bewerking mode - hoewel over daar meer informatie.

    We zijn opgewonden op de…

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  • Lilliane Wilde


    January 16, 2010 by Lilliane Wilde

    I am finding the formatting of this site incredibly difficult!

    So if you find my articles are all jumbled - be patient with me ...

    Please any advice on how to template a new addition would be appreciated!

    In the meantime I will keep discovering.

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  • Kirkburn

    Good morning Wikia!

    Today (13th January) we are rolling out an upgrade to our rich text editor across Wikia! Here are a few of the highlights:

    • It's faster! We upgraded the core engine to CKEditor v3.1 which brings many feature improvements and a faster and more reliable editing experience.
    • Reworked article parsing which means fewer spacing and formatting changes in underlying wikitext.
    • Its now easier to move images and videos during edit mode using built-in browser drag and drop functionality.
    • Advanced code (such as templates and parser tags) is represented by a 'puzzle' icon in edit mode - hover over them to see more info.
    • Added support for Chrome, Opera and Safari.

    We are also extending the use of the editor to all talk pages, and have reduced…

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  • Lilohi

    Gehversuche bei Wikia

    January 10, 2010 by Lilohi

    nun habe ich versucht, mich mit der Wiki-Syntax anzufreunden und kann hier im blog nun einfach so schreiben wie in einem Textprogramm. Ich mache mal einige Versuche, diesen Text zu formatieren und schau mir der Ergebnis nachher an.

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  • GTAIVish


    January 1, 2010 by GTAIVish

    En mi wiki tengo pocos usuario y un usuario avandono la wiki por eso informo aquien le gusta la sciensia que entre en mi wiki porfavo quiero tener usuario me siento solo y dos usuario nose ya no contribuyen yo y mi hemno estamos en la wiki quiero usuarios que me ayuden enmuchas cosas vine a informar aqui porque aqui hay muchos usuarios Si quieren entrar le dejo un link:[1]

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