• Misc544


    July 4, 2020 by Misc544

    Today is USA Independence Day, July 4! Aaravos. What now???????????????? rolls cubes code fog

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  • TuyetMai2412


    July 4, 2020 by TuyetMai2412

    Werewolf online is an extremely intelligent and interesting game

    This game is a quest between residents and wolves and some solo characters

    In a normal game, there will be 16 players including 4 players who are hidden wolves and 2 who are solo, while the rest are residents.

    Every night, wolves can kill a citizen, similarly, every morning the whole village can vote together to hang one person. So in the morning wolves have to pretend to be civilians so they don't hang until the number of wolves alive is the same as the number of people alive.

    As for solo each solo will have a different function.

    The last remaining person or those who fulfill the requirements of their role will be the victors.

    Happy hunting !!

    Ingame : 01PT_Justadice

    Discord : Mai #…

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  • Misc544

    Blog post got deleted

    July 4, 2020 by Misc544

    Y si favor Hello! Para profesores y si por uno. 84%
    I’m from depew So I am Not creada salva—the day I Became queen? I am pookie cookies, huh?

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  • Mr. Smithers Secret Lab

    I understand UCP Wikis are very hatred wikis, but their not that bad, I know some people that prefer Non-UCP and .Wikia Wikis, let me talk about this first.

    Wikia Wikis (Wikis that had been since the .wikia brand, and before the migration to have a bit extra features, these wikis are a bit rare, a example of a .wikia wiki would be;, If you want a .wikia wiki, just find one, add information to it, and just adopt it, it's not hard to do. This is all i can explain about .wikia wikis.

    Non-UCP, or Older Wikis that hadn't been around since the .wikia brand are wikis that also contain extra features.

    Unlike UCP Wikis, .Wikia and Non-UCP Wikis can download many extensions, like if you want a bot that can moderate

    for you t…

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  • TeTrix the Duck


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  • XTeodor12

    Category boxes

    July 4, 2020 by XTeodor12

    The category boxes were kinda great. Can you bring them back?

    This is why the Category boxes were better:

    1. It was a simple design.

    2. The design was extremely great.

    3. It was the default category viewing setting.

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  • Nikon1803

    I'm feeling unlucky

    July 3, 2020 by Nikon1803

    Hello, my name is Niko.

    Today, I feel unlucky because I got unlimited blockage in Logopedia this morning.

    I've been banned forever in Plants vs. Zombies Wiki on September 1, 2019, this was a painful blow for me.

    The reason why those who deliberately blocked me was my own behavior.

    I ask for your help to help me to unblock it so that I prove my innocence.

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  • Nathan Pirate

    Greetings, Fandom users. I will now share to you why having everything Discussions-based is a bad idea. Here, I will present all evidence necessary to prove why Threads should stay. Please note that this is meant to be informative.

    Now, here is what Discussions looks like firsthand. 

     Ignore this, I put it here by accident and can't remove it.

    It's obviously a separate realm from the rest of a wiki. It is clearly not advisable for import on small wikis in general. On some wikis, they coexist with the simpler more practical Forums. They clearly have different places on a community.

    Here is what posting looks like.                   

    As you can see, the features don't look that formal, and lack the details of Thread posts. That's not necessarily …

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  • Iron Claw 2

    Fanstories Fandom

    July 2, 2020 by Iron Claw 2 is a new wikia, devoted to fanfictions made by you. You’re welcome to create your own stories based on your favorite characters, movies, television series, video games, etc. only you should follow the rules. This is a wiki-version of

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  • Offong


    July 2, 2020 by Offong

    Hallo everybody! Be sure to check out my wiki!

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