• Doninngames


    April 8, 2020 by Doninngames

    ===Anima é um videogame de ação e RPG (hack'n slash) inspirado nos melhores jogos da velha escola e feito com paixão pelos amantes de RPG para amantes de RPG, lançado em 2019.

    O Anima, comparado a outros ARpg para dispositivos móveis, é altamente dinâmico e permite ao jogador personalizar totalmente seu personagem, com base no estilo de jogo, preservando o estilo encantador dos clássicos antigos.

    Lute contra as forças do mal onde quiser e conquiste a campanha offline para um jogador, com dificuldades potencialmente infinitas no jogo.
    Siga o enredo ou simplesmente continue, corte inimigos, saqueie itens e melhore seu personagem!

    Combates rápidos, efeitos especiais incríveis…

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  • ChipFan111

    Wiki Feature Help

    April 7, 2020 by ChipFan111

    I need help with something, and here is the story ( "Guy" isn't a user as I don't wanna say any names as "Guy" has a different name )

    Guy: "makes wiki" after March 11

    Me: Can I be admin?

    "gets admin"

    Me: Have you considered turning blogs and article comments on?

    Guy: I don't know how to do it

    Me: I'll do it

    "FANDOM says wiki features are in the dashboard in general"

    Me: The wiki feature button isn't there, how do I change the features as the button is missing, does this have to do with the update on March 11 as I read the blogs about it?

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  • Billyzilla


    April 7, 2020 by Billyzilla

    so i created a new wiki but cant find it.the adress was i think....HELP ME

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  • Neko Chriss

    Chriss Neko

    April 7, 2020 by Neko Chriss


    (Sonsonate El Salvador 22 De Noviembre 1997)  Conocido como Chriss Neko en el ambito musical, siendo este su pseudonimo Chriss Neko es un Musico, pintor, escritor, y poeta e origen sonsonateco,Fracaso de  ser futbolista y skater. opto por la musica  empezando su carrera semi profesional a los 13 años, desempeñandose como guitarrista en varios grupos en el abiente musical de la ciudad de Sonsonate.


    La infancia de Chriss , no fue ostentosa ni marginal para la epoca habiendo nacido en la ciudad de Sonsonate , en un ambiente familiar moderado, Posee solo Madre la cual años mas adelante era la que lo impulso a gustar de la musica rock y pop de epocas pasadas 80/90, y tambien la marcada influe…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    If this is the first you're hearing about the Unified Community Platform project, read this to learn more about the entire scope of the project before commenting.

    Hey gang!

    We have seen some requests from users who want to know how they can volunteer a wiki they admin on for earlier migration to the Unified Community Platform. As we head towards the start of the Simple Wiki Migration stage of Phase 1, we wanted to lay out how you can make your wiki a candidate for early migration, if it doesn’t already fit staff criteria. We’ll have more on migration criteria as we get closer to Simple Wiki Migration start.

    This is key. Have a public-facing discussion (Forum, Discussions, or Blog) about the intent to migrate early. Offer the opportunity for y…

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  • PŁ Piorun

    Mój FANDOM Star Wars -

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    On a wiki, sometimes they list certain information on a page (Example: If you were on a List of Deceptions page, you would find information about Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Lockdown, etc.) If I were on another page and would like to got to a specific area on that page (Example: I'm on a page which has Megatron's name on it. When I click the link, I'll be taken to the List of Deceptions page and automatically taken to Megatron's information). My question is, how do I code this on the source editor?

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  • Joshtan00567

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    What's Xbox Gift Card Generator?

    That's all, these are the measures that First of this generator functions on As I already told you that the Xbox gift Getting numbers, alphabets and 25 characters. All codes are generated in a legit manner, so feel free to utilize them. When we speaking about other websites which will let you know to complete a…

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  • Meekohouse

    Conqueror MMD Motion by 1st place 's bowlroll file : 190664

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  • Adalatadel


    April 6, 2020 by Adalatadel

    3vi33, Letspeak for Eviee, was a nice girl and is a roblox person! everybody know about her!

    one time, 3vi33 joined 4nn1's Place and people bullied her, so she decideded to jump off a building

    Then, 3Vi33Friendly joined her game and told her not to jump off a building, 

    then armirma joined and then priv chatted 3Vi33Friendly "If you want your sister back, say sorry" and so, 3Vi33Friendly Did in Private chat and found 3vi33 on a tree and cried out "EVIE! ITS ME! EVIE FRIENDLY" Then They all lived happily ever after in 4nn1's Place

    NOTE: If your reading this, 3vi33 is on roblox and she isnt a myth

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