• BizzyBeMe


    March 24, 2019 by BizzyBeMe

    Hi all, I seek your input on a certain matter. I work in the M&A (merger and acquisition) industry and, in short, if you have ever bought or sold a business I request your feedback on anything related to that transaction.

    Selling (or buying!) a business, at any time, is a stressful situation. Are you getting the right price? Does the contract cover all risks adequately? Are you likely to find yourself seriously out of pocket because of a mistake you made along the way?

    I try and address questions like these in various articles. However, there's nothing like real life experience from people who've been through the process themselves. Did you use a business broker or did you handle the sale yourself? What about other professionals like lawyers…

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  • Nintendon't

    Hi everyone.I would like to share my new project, The Awedosauce Wiki. I'm making this so you can parody Vinesauce and even - make up your own memes and streams! It's centered around Awedosauce, who commonly copies Vinesauce. Awedosauce is older because it was made in 2007 while Vinesauce was made in 2010. It's also Tsukiese. It's streamer is an 16 year old girl called Koe Dorui (o has the line accent but im too lazy).

    When i created this blog i designed the main page, but i'm planning to create SIuterBIooter, 8 Grand Ma's and No hacer's page.

    It's at

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  • Breyrivas13

    opinion de futbol

    March 23, 2019 by Breyrivas13

    Bueno para mi el fútbol es un deporte muy bueno el cual lleva mucho tiempo de historia y a medida del tiempo a hido cambiado desde sus reglas, vestimenta, jugadores de epoca, balones, los arcos hasta lo que hoy en dia es el fútbol.

    Este deporte  en base a lo que pasan los años va ir cambaido en cuanto sus reglas porque siempre sacaras nuevas y el diseño de sus vestimentas seran cambiados siempre, paso tambien de ser solo jugado por un pais a ser mundialmente conocido, ahora se podria decir que este deporte ya todos lo pueden conocer digo esto ya que en su antiguedad no era un deporte llamativo sino que era un deporte desconocido y hoy en dia se conoce por todos los paises.

    El fútbol puedo llegar a unir muchos paises ya que cada vez que se ha…

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  • Jhonnyskyscrapper

    Help Out

    March 23, 2019 by Jhonnyskyscrapper

    Subscribe To Jhonny Skyscraper On YouTube

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  • Emelygarcia51


    March 23, 2019 by Emelygarcia51

    mi pasion por las motos 

    tengo una meta a mediano plazo de poder manejar moto y correr en el autodromo de poder manejar una apache 180 y poderla modificar Una motocicleta, comúnmente conocida en español con la abreviatura moto, es un vehículo de dos ruedas, impulsado por un motor que acciona la rueda trasera, en raras excepciones en las que el impulso se daría en la rueda delantera o en ambas, superior a 50 cm³ si es de combustión interna y con una velocidad máxima por construcción superior a 45 km/h. El cuadro o chasis y las ruedas constituyen la estructura fundamental del vehículo. La rueda directriz es la delantera. Pueden transportar hasta dos personas, y tres si están dotadas de sidecar.

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  • Commentur12

    Game description:
    There is no story at ROBLOX. The goal of the game is to create virtual worlds, which are represented in the style of LEGO or Minecraft, to live out oneself in various mini games, to be creative, to make friends and to exchange oneself in different groups. One speaks of an MMO (massively multiplayer online game), a community or maybe even a social network.
    In the game you can build whole cities or amusement parks, run a fast food branch or reenact a family scenario. The possibilities seem unlimited and ROBLOX offers a wide range of games for boys and girls of different age groups. A distinction is made between the ROBLOX studio (blue button on the PC) and the ROBLOX player (red button) - depending on whether you want to crea…

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  • Commentur12

    Test Blog Post

    March 22, 2019 by Commentur12

    Hey this is a test post to see if it works

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  • 18dgregory

    Black Butler

    March 22, 2019 by 18dgregory

    Hello! I’m Elizabeequeen and I basically just joined,I’ve been trying to figure this out for about a week cuz I’m that dumb. I am an anime otaku so I will write about anime fanfic soooo much (especially Black Butler stuff) #Sebaciel will prevail! So that’s about it. I will add more stuff regularly so be sure to check it out, though most of it will probably be trash.

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  • Some1oneplays

    Hmm... Where to start about this show one of the most wonderful shows I have seen in a long time. 

    I personally have no words to describe this show. This would be one of those shows that I would watch over a 100 times and yet not get bored and this is a show I that suggest everyone to see,it is a modern master piece.

    There are many things I liked about the show from its mature humor to its well I don’t know how to put it lets just say it weirdness it’s just that you can’t just point out one word to describe the show as I said before

    It is one of those shows that you cant just go ahead explain to someone cause this show requires you to sit down take your time and watch it.

    Now lets go in to the details of this show

    No. of episodes:31

    No. of seaso…

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  • Wright804

    My first tome

    March 22, 2019 by Wright804

    My name is Toneya Wright. I have been searching for some type of website that I could post all my emotions on. And Fandom is the best website of all time! It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s never gonna end. I would recommend this website for everyone who was a person like me. I just started Fandom on Thursday March 22 2019. It is an honor to be on this website. And I am so glad one of my fellows on this website made a welcoming message for people who are just beginning in Fandom. Thank You!

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