• Amer1ciuM

    It just popped up for me, and it appears on other wikis, so is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Rossduntiks5

    I'm a mentally ill user but I created a wiki its an encyclopedia free all ages wiki. Please help out with what u can possibly do. Link on my profile or search free novice encyclopedia ty

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  • Princess Lakeshine of the Seawings

    I think UCP should have square user icons for the profile picture, instead of a circle one.

    (Will be more edited soon)

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  • Hollysong

    We have buds!!!

    May 27, 2020 by Hollysong

    We have buds on the flowers! Ity bitty, but progress

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  • Anaruzcas

    la casa blanca

    May 27, 2020 by Anaruzcas

                                                                                             la casa blanca 

    la casa blanca es la residencia oficial y principal centro de trabajo del presidente de los estados unidos. Tiene 4 plantas, el arquitecto fue George Washinton y construido en 1790 bajo la dirección del arquitecto irlandés James Hoban, en estilo neoclásico. Mediante un concurso se elegía el arquitecto netivo de dublín, que gano la medalla de oro por la presentación del diseño que hoy conocemos. 

    El diseño de la casa se vio inspirado por la casa Leinster y Castletown House, siguiendo el estilo del paladianismo. Como su nombre lo indica es un edificio blanco ubicado en Pennsylvanio Avenue Nº 1600 al noroeste de Washinton DC Proyectada duran…

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  • HolaNoSoyGermanyTú?

    Stranger Things. Personajes Once/Eleven/Jane Mike/Michael Lucas Dustin/ Dusti-Bon Joyce Jim Hopper Bob Max / Maxime Suzie Steve Nancy Barb/Barbara


    ¿QUIEN ES TU FAV? (La mía es Max UwU)

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  • Frost Formling
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  • FAC Marlo

    FAC Marlo

    May 27, 2020 by FAC Marlo

    FAC Marlo (FAC stands for Family Always Counts) is a talented hip-hop/rapper, songwriter, and engineering producer, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. He writes about his trials and tribulations while allowing fans to see what life was like for him growing up through his music videos. Life hasn't been easy for the rapper and he has had to learn things the hard way, but he puts that all into his raw lyrics. Rapper FAC Marlo is known for such songs as "Momma Pray", "After Life", and "11 years". FAC Marlo was only a kid when he started writing and recording songs. His career reached new heights when he got the opportunity to open up for Project Pat, part of the rap group Three 6 Mafia in Akron, OH. FAC Marlo is rising above some of the trials and tribulatio…

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  • Hwalu

    Huawei aluminumsheet

    May 27, 2020 by Hwalu

    Nowadays aluminum sheets are used in a large range.Buyers can get many quotation from internet.You also can buy aluminum sheet from homedepot which gives you a good quality.
    Aluminum sheet plays a important role in our life,you can find them easily.For example,aluminum sheet pan,fry pan,fuel tanks,trailer siding,roofing,aircraft panels,automotive panels,trailer frames,packaging,aluminum sheet persona 5 ementos etc.

    Otherwise,out of different application,different other metals and ingredients can be mixed with aluminum by ratio,then aluminum alloy sheet with better performance were made.

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  • Jaxterhammer

    Greetings everyone! I just want to bring attention to a matter on the AVP Wikia recently regarding it's two Admins: Leigh and Cruentus. I am posting this here because I am unable to interact with Xenopedia.

    Specifically some behavior that I've witnessed and experienced that is detrimental to the Wikia.

    Now, I won't keep anything in the dark from you all: The impetus for this was a block issued to me for 3 (later extended to 5) months by The Cruentus, the Bureaucrat of AVPW. I understand how that looks, but please give me the benefit of the doubt: my following thoughts have been frustrations I've been having for a long time now and block was the drop in the bucket to spill them all over.

    Let me say this about Leigh: He's a wonderful editor. Eas…

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