• Supersonic19

    Hi! I'm having a dispute with another user named Hickmanm. She won't forgive me anymore, no matter how I've tried. Can anyone please protect me on Fandom, and talk to her for me?

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  • Песик кот


    July 18, 2019 by Песик кот

    Welcome to the numberASMR Wiki

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    I notice a grammar error on [1].

    It's on 'You can not renamed your Account to:'. When really, the correct form is 'You cannot renamed your Account to:'. 'You may not' sounds way more polite. I think Fandom developers must or should try to be more careful with their spelling.

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  • Donnae Drysdale

    Mathematics is a very important subject area. It is done on a daily basis in our every day life. Emphasis should be placed on the subject when it is being taught in math classes. Some examples of the use of math in real life are simply checking your change when you purchase an item at a store, when your driving to school as it relates to the speed the  vehicle goes, looking at your watch for the timeand the amount of pencils in your pencils case among other real life scenarios. Pretty much it would be rather imposssible for the world to operate in systematic manner without the use of mathematics. I think if teahcers and other educators show students the importance of maths,the job opportunities in maths, relate maths to real life and make m…

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  • Brian Linder

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m Brian, and I’m Director of Partnerships for the Movies/TV team. This is my first staff blog, but I’ve been with Fandom since 2013 and I’ve worked in marketing, editorial, and sales. In my new role as Director of Partnerships, it’s my job to work with TV and movie studios and connect them directly with the communities dedicated to their shows and films.

    These connections are something that the community has told us for years they’d like us to help with. Last year when working with the Community Council on comprehensive feedback about Fandom’s direction, we heard that connecting the community with studios and publishers would be very welcome and would be a great way to recognize all of the hard work that communities put into …

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  • MJpower337

    Dans Rozen Maiden, deuxième saison du premier anime de Rozen Maiden, une poupée que nous vous présentions, qui se ferait passer pour la septième poupée, Rozen Maiden.


    Elle s'appelle Barasuishou et son créateur, Enju, il a été approuvé par Rozen, ainsi que par ses présences réelles, ainsi que par Suigintou, Kanaria, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Shinku, Hina Ichigo et Kirakishou.


    Donc, en toute logique, malgré leur ressemblance et avec le même pouvoir, ou presque, Enju ne serait pas Rozen?


    Et bien ...

    Dans Rozen Maiden Ouverture, on découvre que Suigintou, la première réalisation de Rozen, ne s'est jamais déroulée à Alice, n'était pas encore Rosa Mystica, elle était incomplète et n'a jamais été placardée.

    Shinku explique, six joueurs et sept partic…

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  • Lindsaybaring


    July 17, 2019 by Lindsaybaring

    Ako po si Lindsay A. Baring,ako ay nag-aaral sa Santo Nino Elementary School,at masaya ako na sa SNES ako nag-aaral,masaya ako na nakasali sa mga paligsahan katulad ng street dancing at doxology

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  • HoppingTopping789

    My wiki

    July 16, 2019 by HoppingTopping789

    I made a wiki called the Random Fanfiction Wiki where you can make your own fanfictions of anything you want, but please don't make inappropriate content. If you're interested you can join here.

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  • Memernet123

    First Blog

    July 16, 2019 by Memernet123

    I guess this is the place where I introduce myself. Hi, I'm Alex, and I like to do things such as code, program, draw, design, and do many other kinds of creative activities. I like to make up my own ideas and draw them on paper. I'm not exactly an introvert, I'm just mostly an introvert. I do like to be social sometimes but mostly I like to be alone and try to keep myself from blowing up into pieces. I do like computers a lot, I study their parts and all of that stuff. I do have a youtube channel, please subscribe to it. I promise I'm not a cringy 12 year old who likes to post "vlogs" and fortnite gaming videos. Also, feel free to support me on the game I'm working on right now. You can let me know in the comments.

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  • Carlton Banks1

    Hey, this is WA7U161 B01, my account is still up, but i hit the active button and i am inactive for some odd reason, i forgot my password aswell. im on mobile and am wondering what happened.

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