• CKANE09


    August 13, 2020 by CKANE09

    So that means every wiki is migrating?

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  • Anishajain

    Book Thoughts

    August 13, 2020 by Anishajain

    This months favorites are:

    - Scythe by Neal Shusterman

    If you are looking for a gripping and attention taking book, this one is for you! Although I believe that this book can be a little bit predictable, it is also very thrill seeking and completely absorbing once you read it. It can hold your interest from start to end. It is certainly not a book you want to put down. The way this book normalizes death is almost a little real. is humanity heading in this new immortal age or will this earth be no more before man kind can achieve this kind of new reality. If you read the fantasy and science fiction genre, with a twinge of romance, this book is definitely worth looking at. I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

    - The Lost Honour of Kath…

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  • Dike3421

    mah fav duet

    August 12, 2020 by Dike3421

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  • Sap Of The RainWings

    Just a fan of Wings of Fire! Also has a life doing other things, though, so some of that too!

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  • Derekblue1

    Hello, Fandom users! MarioWiki officially opened a Twitter platform. Hammer that blue "Follow" button to check our recent posts on Twitter. Spread the word to your friends and Mario fans!

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  • UwU Whats updog


    August 12, 2020 by UwU Whats updog

    Hey whats updog

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  • Masterkitty5450

    We don't need ucp.

    August 12, 2020 by Masterkitty5450

    it sucks

    it removes lots of features and it makes it worse.

    Comment "yes" or "no"

    i say it sucks.

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  • Justmyjoy

    1. Dylan Masset.

    2. Alec Lightwood.

    3. Chidi Anagonye.

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  • Ferdall2

    So on the kart kingdom wiki I got banned by someoneI don't think you know her name but I think it's popstar 792 that was the person who banned me and he banned me because I had a sock puppet account now as you all may have known my old account was being controlled by someone else so I don't know why he would consider me a sock puppet account anyone that knows this from fandom support please help me with this problem

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  • YirbFpYxzhXdxfk

    WIP. Will be posting this on the Numberlemon and possibly BFDI wiki too. It's hard to underestimate how successful BBA is planned to be. For some future gamers, it could possibly be their first interaction with science fiction in such future, even though that's SO unlikely. Granted, BBA would be more fiction than actual science ever since it would begin, but oh well. It's a series that may or more likely may not master the action platformer and if successful, find a satisfying game loop that would last for six games before finally losing steam.

    However, from the ashes of the failure chances, BBA has reasons on why it could potentially flop. Through a rock-solid set of controls and some changes, players may feel a rehash of the past.

    Now whil…

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