• Memernet123

    First Blog

    July 16, 2019 by Memernet123

    I guess this is the place where I introduce myself. Hi, I'm Alex, and I like to do things such as code, program, draw, design, and do many other kinds of creative activities. I like to make up my own ideas and draw them on paper. I'm not exactly an introvert, I'm just mostly an introvert. I do like to be social sometimes but mostly I like to be alone and try to keep myself from blowing up into pieces. I do like computers a lot, I study their parts and all of that stuff. I do have a youtube channel, please subscribe to it. I promise I'm not a cringy 12 year old who likes to post "vlogs" and fortnite gaming videos. Also, feel free to support me on the game I'm working on right now. You can let me know in the comments.

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  • Eurbane

    My name is Eurbane. I got a new fandom site for Toonsylvania. here's the link: It's a tv series on fox kids about monsters and a lot of spooky stuff which aired for only 1998 and 1999. I made this fandom because no one else has done it yet and it's one of my intrested ideas. People want to join my community to learn more and toonslyvania. I just wrote some characters, all two seasons and it's vhs tape and it's toys from burger king. For the fandom, I want to make people instrested into toonslyvania in the future. People can help out by add more stuff into the wikia and the website will be a lot more fun. If you want to edit this fandom site, do it now.

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  • PumpkinKnight

    Greetings! I'm Luciano, a.k.a. "PumpkinKnight", one of the admins of the Unreal Wiki (, a wiki dedicated to the Unreal videogame series by Epic Games. The wiki's origins can be found in 2007, when it began as a wiki dedicated only to the first game, but in recent years we've widened the scope in order to incorporate the rest of the series and create a comprehensive wiki about every detail regarding the series.

    The series takes place in the future, and each game has its own storyline, though the universe in which each storyline takes place is shared. Unreal and its expansion pack Return to Na Pali, for example, put the players in the skin of Prisoner 849, a prisoner of a crashed spaceship who struggles to escape from the planet Na…

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  • TrumpetofTheSwan

    I'm working on my fairly new Spongebob encyclopedia - which I've nicknamed "The Book of Knowledge" because someday it will hopefully contain all knowledge about Spongebob's world. If you're crazy about Spongebob, I invite you to come pitch in to any extent you like. How can you help? Here are some suggestions:

    • Write a synopsis for an episode  
    • Review a season and write something that gives us a sense of how it stands out and what characterizes it
    • Review an era
    • Add a video
    • Add pictures
    • Describe a character (this is fun!)

    We (ok, "I") are very silly here and almost encourage trolling. Almost. There's... a fine line. Just, make sure it's funny (eh, subjective) and more importantly, not out of place. We definitely allow a lot of goofing around. Oh, …

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  • Niquolah


    April 27, 2019 by Niquolah
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  • Chikorita Lover

    Stikman Wiki

    January 23, 2019 by Chikorita Lover

    My wiki is called the Stikman Wiki. It's about a video game series called Stikman. This is one of my favorite video game series. We have achievements. We have about 15 articles about characters and the games.

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  • Torontonian74

    Need Users for Wiki

    January 8, 2019 by Torontonian74

    I am Torontonian74, and I request you come to the Doctor Crafty Wiki. Dr. Crafty is a art drawing web series created by Alexander Tansley which accepts commisions. I'm been a fan of this hilarious show that gives a twist on speed art and art tutorial shows since it began, and I hope that my wiki will help give it more publicity. So far, its only just me and another who goes by AMPW, which kind of makes me feel a little small and get "Wiki Envy". So far, we've got quite a hefty amount done for so little at 23 pages and over 100 photos. Here's the show to get an idea of what you're getting, and join now to get crafty!

    Plus the show stars T H I C C girls, and we all can never have enough of those.

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  • DankVader222

    My first time here.

    January 7, 2019 by DankVader222

    Hello. My name is DankVader. But you can call me Vader. I'm a huge Star Wars Fan and love making art and OCs.

    So it's my first time here at this website and I would like to say that I hope to have a great year here. Also, could anyone help me around this place? Because I'm new here...

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  • Koroine

    ミ⛧ ┊new post

    November 20, 2018 by Koroine


    hello! my name is

    Koroine but call me

    Koro or Jay! uwu


    i recently discovered Fandom in 2017,

    and decided to join here!


    i do illustrating, gaming,

    bullet journalling and 

    photography ! 

    (here's an example

    of my art, psst psst)

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  • Morabeen

    DoubleTree Phoenix North a contemporary hotel in North Phoenix. Major offices such as United Healthcare, Cognizant and Liberty Mutual are minutes away, and I-17 is nearby for quick access to golf courses, museums, desert attractions and spring training facilities. Explore the sights and sounds of Phoenix with our complimentary shuttle to destinations within 5 miles of the hotel.

    Upon arriving at the DoubleTree Phoenix , you’ll be welcomed with a warm chocolate chip cookie. Settle into a modern guest room with floor-to-ceiling windows, an HDTV, mini-fridge, premium coffeemaker, desk with ergonomic chair and complimentary WiFi. If this is an extended stay, choose a Bungalow Suite featuring a separate living area with a sofa bed, along with a …

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