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ReadySetLoot ReadySetLoot 18 April

Welcome Ran Li, Fandom's new Senior Community Partnerships Manager, on the Community Activations team

Hello everyone! My name is Ran Li, I’m Fandom’s new Sr. Community Partnerships Manager, focused on working with major gaming publishing partners in order to build more connections between the Fandom community and the gaming industry. I joined the team in April 2022, and I’m very excited to share a bit about myself with everyone today through my first staff blog and very much looking forward to getting to know the community.

  • 1 What’s my story?
  • 2 What do I do at Fandom, exactly?
  • 3 My favorite fandoms
  • 4 I can’t wait to get to know the community more

I’m Ran, and I currently live in central North Carolina, but I consider myself an Angeleno at heart having spent almost a decade previously in LA. If I’m not indulging in my fandoms you’ll find me hiking o…

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Cavalier One Cavalier One 13 April

Spanish Language Contractors Wanted!

Hello everyone! I'm Mike on the Community Activations team here at Fandom, and I have an exciting opportunity to present. We are currently looking to take on several short-term contractors to work with us, focusing on Spanish language content. The full details are below so if this is something that is of interest to you, please read on! - Cavalier One(Talk) 14:07, 13 April 2022 (UTC)

Do you have a passion for creating, building, and improving wikis? Are you fluent in English and Spanish - both written and verbal? Do you want to work with Fandom as a contractor on an exciting project aimed at improving and promoting Spanish-language communities? Then we have an opportunity for you!

Fandom is seeking a number of short-term contractors to work wi…

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Brandon Rhea Brandon Rhea 11 April

Announcing Fandom's 2022 IRL Community Connect in Los Angeles

This is always one of my favorite announcements to make: we’re going to be hosting another Community Connect again this year! And unlike our two versions in 2021, it’s IRL!

That’s right, I couldn’t be happier to say that we’re holding an in-person Community Connect from May 27th through May 31st in sunny Los Angeles, California. We’ll bring 50 admins and close to 50 Fandom staff members together to talk face to face about what Fandom is going to be working on as the year goes on for wiki editors and fans, hear direct feedback from editors like you what they think about those ideas and what they’d like to see from Fandom, build deeper connections with one another, and have some fun hanging out and getting to know each other better.

Invites ar…

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Antonio R. Castro Antonio R. Castro 5 April

Let's Craft an Interactive Video for Minecraft Wiki

Do you know why the music in Minecraft is simply epic?

Every world in Minecraft is generated using a procedural system. It means every game is different from the previous one and the next because the world is simply different, and each time you will have a chance to play differently. There are ways to use a seed to generate a similar world, but it won't ensure you will live the same experience.

When you have a video game with that kind of freedom, it can become a serious challenge to add the music, to make the player feel part of that world. In a video game where the world is static, you can set which music track will play in every place. You can define where the door is to access a house and trigger a track when you enter, so you can have r…

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Jpearson Jpearson 30 March

Fandom Staff and Community Members Break the Bias

Women’s History Month has shown us just how powerful breaking the bias can genuinely be. This month, we shifted the focus on our community members’ stories who broke the bias and challenged the status quo by simply being their most authentic selves. You’ve heard stories from three fantastic women editors who are community builders, leaders, and change-makers. Each had their unique perspective on combating gender bias and what responsibility they have in creating gender-equitable online communities.

We identified three different editors and asked them the same question—what does breaking the bias mean to you? Here’s what they had to say:

“Be yourself, be individual, and don’t worry over peeps who try to get ya down. Just live your best life a…

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Pikushi Pikushi 23 March

Updates to Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy

Hi all!

Oh look, it’s my blog debut! My name is Jenny, & I am one of the Community Managers on the Community Safety team. One of our goals on the team is to work on ways we can help make sure wiki communities are safe, healthy places for all fans, and I am excited to announce that we are taking another step toward that goal! On April 4, we will be launching an updated version of the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy.

In this blog, I’m going to go over some of the changes we are making to the policy as well as why we are making them.

Let’s start with the why - why are we updating the policy? Good question, and thank you for asking! The policy went live a year ago, and since then, we have received a lot of feedback from many users and communities.…

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Jpearson Jpearson 22 March

Editor Stories: How Olivia Breaks the Bias at Fandom

We’re excited to share the final spotlight of women editors on Fandom who break the bias for Women’s History Month! We’ve explored how these change-makers took a leadership role in their community, created inclusive spaces for others, and explained what “break the bias” means.

Each editor interpreted “break the bias” differently, but the one thing they have in common is their dedication to support their community and create a space for people to be their most authentic selves. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on an editor that has contributed over a decade and is the admin for the Barbie Wiki. For more than six decades, fans worldwide have found joy in the original girl empowerment brand. Barbie has a history of breaking the bias by launc…

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Jpearson Jpearson 15 March

Editor Stories: How Lostris Breaks the Bias at Fandom

Hey everyone!

We’re continuing to spotlight women editors on Fandom who break the bias! We’ll explore how these change-makers are taking a leadership role in their community, creating inclusive spaces for others, and explaining what “break the bias” means to them.

Meet Lostris, which happens to mean “Daughter of the Waters,” but don’t mistake that for her preference for fire-bending. She’s from the north of Belgium, and her native language is Flemish. According to Lostris, “Belgian fries are the best, as are the chocolate, beer, and waffles. All the stereotypes are true!” Not only are we fans of all of those things, but we’re also fans of this avid traveler, fan-fiction writer,  and community leader.

Fun fact: Although she’s never seen Star Wa…

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JimmyWalesQuiz JimmyWalesQuiz 14 March

Jimmy Wales wants to talk to you about Quiz Night Beyond

Did you ever play one of those badly-organized but extremely fun Zoom quizzes that sprang up in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic? Groups of friends or family members would sometimes get together to play trivia games and test their knowledge of pop culture or whatever their favorite subject might be. It was a great way to pass the time in the early days of shelter in place, when many of us were home for so much of the time.

I was playing those with my family when it occurred to me: I bet I could make it better.

At this point I should probably stop and re-introduce myself to the community here. Hi, I’m Jimmy Wales. I co-founded Fandom back in 2004 and I’m the founder of Wikipedia. I’m still involved in the business on the board of direc…

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TimmyQuivy TimmyQuivy 10 March

Introducing Fandom Auth - Our New Secure Login Service

The software platform Fandom runs on is constantly evolving in ways both noticeable and unnoticeable to our users. If you’ve been following the Staff Blog for the last few years, you of course are familiar with the Unified Community Platform and then the following front-end refresh for the FandomDesktop experience. Just last month we announced our plans for upgrading MediaWiki to 1.37. These are all changes that directly impact how you write on and design your communities.

Other changes are more subtle, more invisible. But these are just as important and valuable to our user base, even if you never see a single difference. The internet as a whole is continuing to evolve rapidly as a bunch of memes about the metaverse indicate, and unfortuna…

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