• Brandon Rhea

    Back in August, we teased the beginning of a new product initiative to build on the successes of Wiki Modernization and Mobile Modernization. Today’s the day we get to talk with you about it.

    This is going to be a long post, so buckle up!

    You’ve heard us talk a lot about Wiki Modernization and Mobile Modernization over the last year and a half. Not only did those efforts improve the look and performance of the site through design updates and a reduction of advertisements, it also played a big part in increasing the number of people using your communities. Check out the historical level of wiki editors from 2014 through 2018:

    As you can see, the number of editors went up and down, but there was a general downward trend — we were losing contrib…

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  • Brandon Rhea

    Back in August we announced that domains will be migrating to We've been doing a lot of prep work for testing the SEO impact of the migration, so we wanted to give you some insight into the process, talk about how the test is going to work, how we’re going to keep your traffic safe, and answer any questions you may have about it.

    The basics are that in early October—we are aiming for next week, and we'll let you know the exact date once we have it—we will be migrating approximately 3,200 communities to the new domain structure. Those include roughly 600 English communities, while the rest are international communities across 11 other languages. The international communities will also test out the new language path that…

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  • TOR

    Sigh. I wish I was posting about something more uplifting and fun. Instead, I need to write this in my best Hulk voice:


    Randomly smashing things wouldn’t help here, so I’ll try to explain what’s happening and how you can help. This is me still in Hulk mode, but with glasses on.

    Who do you think should be responsible for an edit on a wiki? Or a post in Discussions?

    This is not a trick question. And if you’ve been a part of FANDOM for a while you would probably answer:

    The entire wiki community has a shared responsibility for keeping the content up to date and well organized. Similarly with Discussions, we’re all responsible for keeping the conversations interesting and civil.

    But it’s the user making the …

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  • Brandon Rhea

    We've done a lot of work this year to improve the mobile experience. First we worked on a lot of backend changes so the mobile site would load faster and perform better. Most recently we've been rolling out more changes to the mobile web design to enhance the experience.

    You may be wondering, why make changes to mobile web? Put simply, if pages look more visually engaging and of a higher design quality, we’re more likely to see return visitors to communities. Not only that, but better-looking pages attract higher quality ads—and the higher quality our ads are, the fewer of them we need. Just like how we were able to slash desktop advertisements by 30% in 2017, we believe that a better mobile design will allow us to have fewer mobile ads and…

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  • Brandon Rhea

    In early 2019 we will be taking another big step for the FANDOM brand: all of our domains will be changing from to That means your wiki’s domain will change from [name] to [name]

    We know you will have lots of questions and even reservations. We’re going to address some of the ones we anticipated here, and we’ll answer any other questions you have in the comments below.

    • Why is the domain changing to We haven’t been Wikia for almost two years now. The site continues to evolve under the FANDOM brand. Fans are embracing FANDOM and your communities as a go-to entertainment site. We feel strongly that it’s time to complete the rebrand and embrace the FANDOM brand as fully as the fans have.
    • Why …

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  • Mira Laime

    At the beginning of June, we launched a major update to the FANDOM app on iOS. We added wiki articles and Discussions to the existing editorial content, uniting all types of content in one app. Now the same unified experience is available on Android as well.

    With the unified FANDOM app for iOS and now for Android, fans can follow an entire fandom and all of its content, rather than just follow news topics. You have access to many fandoms, some of which consist of a standalone community without editorial content, editorial content only, and many that offer both. You choose which fandoms to follow and participate in.

    This update also introduced the FANDOM app to international users, featuring communities and Discussions in their language, alth…

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  • Jadarina

    One of the most exciting parts of Featured Video production is being able to work directly with users like you on script writing. You're some of the biggest experts in your fandoms, and no one can bring more knowledge to a FANDOM video script than you. That's why we've given users the opportunity to share Featured Video scripts that FANDOM can produce into full-fledged videos.

    To learn how to participate, and to meet some of the members of our Featured Video team, check out this video we put together!

    Any questions? Let us know in the comments, and share your script today!

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  • BertH

    Today, all communities have a new tool available to use: Announcements. This tool directs all recently active members of the community to a specific page or post via a notification.

    Announcements is a replacement for both Forum’s ‘highlight’ function and Community Messages. Those older features require a recipient to visit the community in order to see a notice. With Announcements, the notification is delivered to the recipient no matter where they are on FANDOM.

    Announcements notifications are sent to users on both the wiki and Discussions if they have contributed to either in the last 90 days. The notices are delivered via the notifications system currently used by Discussions, and will be displayed on mobile browsers. Very soon, Announceme…

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  • TimmyQuivy

    In the first half of this year, FANDOM has been steadily rolling out HTTPS to more and more of our network.

    HTTPS is a protocol that encrypts data being sent through a webpage, as compared to normal HTTP, which sends data in plaintext. FANDOM has already been encrypting and securely transmitting personal data - such as your login and password details - for many years, but it’s increasingly a web standard to transmit all parts of a website over HTTPS. That’s why we’ve been working to get our entire website HTTPS-compliant.

    A few months ago, we finished making logged-in users able to use HTTPS on all single subdomain wikis (i.e.wikis without a language identifier, such as, compared to, first using an…

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  • BertH

    The FANDOM staff blog is a place where users can read news and updates from the FANDOM Community and Product teams. It’s also been a place where staff post advice about how to effectively manage a community, build content, and participate on FANDOM.

    Starting today, we’re splitting these two subject matters into separate blogs that users can subscribe to individually.

    The main staff blog will continue to focus on news from FANDOM about feature changes and other developments. You can expect to see more information about the development of FANDOM mobile apps and the continuing work around modernization.

    The new blog is called Community Management and will feature advice and suggestions for admins and users on FANDOM communities. Popular past blo…

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