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Idekmandy Idekmandy 4 days ago

Creating an Inclusive Space With the LGBTQIA+ Wiki Admins

Hey all!

I was going to open this blog with something like “I hope everyone is having a happy Pride Month!” but I think we all know this past weekend has not been so happy. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Pride is just as much about acknowledging the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community as it is about celebrating its accomplishments and progress, and sadly we’ve faced some pretty harsh struggles in recent days.

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rolling back the constitutional right to abortion. This isn’t just a women’s rights issue; this impacts the trans and non-binary community as well, especially poor folks and BIPOC. Not stopping there, Justice Thomas also called on the court to target some landmark cases for …

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Jpearson Jpearson 5 days ago

Fandom Celebrates Pride with a Sweet Treat from Chicago Sugar Daddy

Fandom is celebrating Pride, amplifying voices, and extending outreach efforts by engaging the LGBTQIA+ community and broadening to concept of 'fandom.' The theme for the month is Love Will Keep Us Together, and what better way to bring people together than by supporting small businesses and enjoying sweet treats! We've partnered with Chicago-based and LGBTQIA+ owned bakery, Sugar Daddy Patisserie, to create a special chocolate/vanilla marble, Italian meringue buttercream with rainbow sprinkles cupcake in celebration of Pride. Learn more about co-owners Rayan Ibasco and James Cox of Chicago Sugar Daddy as they share their favorite fandoms and thoughts on the power of love. Celebrate fandoms, support local, and spread love!

If you're in the…

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HeyTots HeyTots 9 days ago

Indie Game Wiki Specialist Contractors Wanted

Contracted Work Description

Do you have a passion for creating wikis and building communities? Do you love indie games and follow gaming trends closely? Do you want to work with Fandom as a contractor on an exciting project aimed at creating and supporting wiki partnerships with indie devs? Then we have an opportunity for you!

Fandom is seeking a number of contractors to work with our Community Activations team to create content on Indie Game communities. You will work closely with ComAct leads to execute planned content builds and design improvements on prioritized Official Wiki Partnership wikis focused primarily on trending and emerging IPs.

This is a paid contractor position with Fandom, administered through a third-party management entit…

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CuBaN VeRcEttI CuBaN VeRcEttI 11 days ago

Design your wiki for Pride Month

Hello everyone!

Time always does fly and we’re facing the end of the Pride Month. As we announced three weeks ago, it’s been 21 days of celebration, discovery, visibility, product recommendations, absorbing discussions, fun and joy... but there is still more to come!

The Community Team is always trying to perform exciting 'only on Fandom' initiatives and experiences, and we also love to hear your opinion and suggestions for future plans! As a quick catch-up, for Pride Month we already launched the introductory blog post with recommendations. We also performed 2 roundtables on Discord with our favorite franchises, IPs and characters, and we have another two in the works for this week and the next one (and I definitely recommend you attend!). I…

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Pikushi Pikushi 18 days ago

Introducing Admin Plus!

It has been awesome to see the excitement surrounding the announcements we made at Community Connect, and I am excited to give you some details about one of these new experiences: Admin+! (Or A+, if you’re fancy.)

Throughout Community Central, we have plenty of guidelines and policies on what not to do as an admin - don’t overprotect pages, don’t act as the owner of a wiki, don’t play favorites, etc. We hope that these guidelines and policies have helped you facilitate a wiki and community, but we know that this doesn’t answer the other half of the question - what does it take to be a good admin?

This is a question we have received from users for years now, and honestly, it is great to hear because it shows how much you care about the commun…

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Jpearson Jpearson 18 days ago

Fandom Stars, Fandom's New(ish) Creator Recognition Program

Fandom Stars is finally here and I’m thrilled to share the details of the program! As mentioned during Community Connect, this program will evolve because of the participation and feedback of the community. Stars has something for everyone and will continue to be a place where Fandom community members can learn, grow, and support each other. Read on to learn more about the history of Fandom’s recognition programs, the inspiration behind Stars, and what this exciting program entails.

  • 1 What is Fandom Stars?
  • 2 Recognition Over Rewards
  • 3 What Do Fandom Stars Do?
  • 4 Star-Studded Events
  • 5 Becoming A Fandom Star
  • 6 It’s Your Time to Shine!

Fandom Stars is the ultimate program designed to recognize and amplify Fandom’s most prolific creators, primarily editors.…

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Jpearson Jpearson 24 days ago

New Discussions Moderation Tools, Including Discussions AbuseFilter, Are Coming This Year

Discussions moderation tools are essential for building healthy communities, and this blog is all about the improvements we're going to be making to those tools. You asked, and we're going to deliver, so keep on reading for more information!

Discussions has been a feature on most Fandom communities for almost seven years now. In that time it’s gone through a number of iterations and improvements, with one of the most recent ones being Theme Designer support extending to Discussions so it matches the look and feel of your wiki. One of the things that allowed us to do was make our first foray into theming on mobile web—something we’re taking even further with the Mobile Theme Designer we announced at Community Connect.

One of the biggest pain …

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Bfreeziepop Bfreeziepop 24 days ago

Welcome Breanna, Fandom's new Senior Community Manager, Gaming on the Community Experience team

Greetings! My name is Breanna aka freeziepop and I am the new Sr. Community Manager, Gaming at Fandom - yay!

I was asked to write this blog as a way to introduce myself to the community, but I wanted to take this chance to first say thank you to Fandom for bringing me on! The team I am a part of is a rock star crew and I’m proud to work beside them. Now on to my origin story…

My identity was rooted in games from the beginning. As a child, I would sit beside my dad at his desk and watch him enjoy his passion: gaming. I was his mini-player 2 through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s puzzles, THAT death in Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 4’s zombie survival, and many other gaming adventures. Real talk I blame Resi 4 for my fear of the dark. F…

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Jpearson Jpearson 25 days ago

Mobile Editing Fixes and Mobile Theme Designer Are Coming!

Over the weekend, during our Creator Tools presentation at Community Connect, we announced all of the new features we’re going to be rolling out to our editors the rest of this year. Now that you know what to expect in the near feature, we wanted to dive deeper into each feature area to give you a glimpse into what’s coming. We’ll start with the improvements coming to mobile, specifically the Theme Designer and Editing Fixes.

Before getting into that specifically, though, let’s go through some context for why we arrived at the roadmap that we did for Creator Tools.

  • 1 Creator Roadmap Backstory
  • 2 Mobile Editing Fixes
  • 3 Mobile Theme Designer
  • 4 Here’s Where You Come In

Over the last few years, most of our focus has been on the Unified Community Platform…

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Sannse Sannse 3 June

Update to the community guidelines

Have you ever actually read a site's Terms of Use? After all, it's a document you "sign" when you make an account on Fandom or most other sites you join. But they are long, and dry, and frankly more than most people want to read.

But it's good to know what you are signing. After all, you might be signing to give the company your first born child. Or to agree the contract will be void if there's a zombie apocalypse (yes those are real examples). One company even offered $1000 to the person who read enough of the document to find the offer! It took four months before anyone did!

So while we definitely recommend that you read the ToU, we have also written a simpler version of the user conduct section to help everyone understand what's required …

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