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Juliepersonne Juliepersonne 13 days ago

French Community Month - What's hot in France right now

Salut tout le monde !

And there you have it, a third way to say hi to someone in a casual way. For this 3rd and last blog post of this month of July highlighting the French community on Fandom, we decided to share with you the entertainment currently trending in France. Although we have a fair amount of famous French IPs, France does import quite a bit of foreign content, either directly or through adaptation.

Let's start with the movies. With the reduction of sanitary measures and the return of good weather, French people choose to travel in France and are eager to go back to the cinema. Several films are finding their audience in France.

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Brandon Rhea Brandon Rhea 16 days ago

Fandom and Starlight deliver hospital gowns to George Mark Children's House

Last September, we announced that we had entered into a partnership with the Starlight Children's Foundation, an organization that helps bring comfort to kids going through treatment at children's hospitals in the United States. Through their Hospital Wear program, Starlight delivers hospital gowns to children in hospitals that are colorful, more comfortable, and can really pop in ways that brighten a kid's day. One of Fandom's core values is We Bring Joy, so our mission and Starlight's aligned perfectly.

Together we launched a Design-A-Gown contest, where the Fandom community—fans, editors, employees, and beyond—were invited to show off their creativity and enter for a chance to have their design produced into a one-of-a-kind gown. After a…

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TimmyQuivy TimmyQuivy 21 days ago

Introducing Admin Plus

Today we’re excited to officially launch Admin Plus, a new course specifically tailored to teaching and supporting admins. The series reviews three core foundations of helping to facilitate a wiki community on Fandom. These are Technical Foundations, Content Development, and Community Building.

Being an admin on a wiki community is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, one that naturally gives you skills and experience that are valuable in your day-to-day life, not just in the wiki world. As such, eligible admins who complete these courses will receive a badge highlighting their skills that they can use on professional development sites and social networks. Admins who complete all three courses will receive an “Ultra” A+ badge.

Admin Plus i…

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Hypsoline Hypsoline 22 days ago

French Community Month - The Most Famous French IPs

Coucou tout le monde!

Here we are again for a second blog promoting the French community on Fandom. In the previous post, we presented the biggest French-speaking communities on Fandom, while on the 14th of July we met on Discord to talk about French culture with users. Thank you very much to all the participants for making it so enjoyable! Today, you'll discover the French TV shows, movies, comics and books known all over the world, either directly or through an adaptation. We have picked the must-see in each category! Here's our selection of the most famous French and French-speaking comics, books, movies, series, video games and artists abroad. Please note that we tried to choose titles and artists that have a wiki on Fandom :)

It is tru…

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Juliepersonne Juliepersonne 7 July

Celebrate French Community Month with Fandom

Bonjour tout le monde !

As you may know, Fandom is an international platform with about 20% of visits coming from non-EN communities. As such, French is one of the 11 languages officially supported by Fandom. So it is with great honor that we have concocted for you a series of blog posts and an event on Discord this month to highlight the French community! Woo-hoo! Let's start by highlighting the most popular French wikis with this 1st blog. Stay with us until the end to learn more about the Discord event.

As the French national day on July 14th approaches, we felt that July was the perfect month to highlight the French community.

Although the date is mainly known as the day of the storming of the Bastille ("Prise de la Bastille") marking the …

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Idekmandy Idekmandy 29 June

Creating an Inclusive Space With the LGBTQIA+ Wiki Admins

Hey all!

I was going to open this blog with something like “I hope everyone is having a happy Pride Month!” but I think we all know this past weekend has not been so happy. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Pride is just as much about acknowledging the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community as it is about celebrating its accomplishments and progress, and sadly we’ve faced some pretty harsh struggles in recent days.

On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rolling back the constitutional right to abortion. This isn’t just a women’s rights issue; this impacts the trans and non-binary community as well, especially poor folks and BIPOC. Not stopping there, Justice Thomas also called on the court to target some landmark cases for …

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Jpearson Jpearson 28 June

Fandom Celebrates Pride with a Sweet Treat from Chicago Sugar Daddy

Fandom is celebrating Pride, amplifying voices, and extending outreach efforts by engaging the LGBTQIA+ community and broadening to concept of 'fandom.' The theme for the month is Love Will Keep Us Together, and what better way to bring people together than by supporting small businesses and enjoying sweet treats! We've partnered with Chicago-based and LGBTQIA+ owned bakery, Sugar Daddy Patisserie, to create a special chocolate/vanilla marble, Italian meringue buttercream with rainbow sprinkles cupcake in celebration of Pride. Learn more about co-owners Rayan Ibasco and James Cox of Chicago Sugar Daddy as they share their favorite fandoms and thoughts on the power of love. Celebrate fandoms, support local, and spread love!

If you're in the…

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HeyTots HeyTots 23 June

Indie Game Wiki Specialist Contractors Wanted

Contracted Work Description

Do you have a passion for creating wikis and building communities? Do you love indie games and follow gaming trends closely? Do you want to work with Fandom as a contractor on an exciting project aimed at creating and supporting wiki partnerships with indie devs? Then we have an opportunity for you!

Fandom is seeking a number of contractors to work with our Community Activations team to create content on Indie Game communities. You will work closely with ComAct leads to execute planned content builds and design improvements on prioritized Official Wiki Partnership wikis focused primarily on trending and emerging IPs.

This is a paid contractor position with Fandom, administered through a third-party management entit…

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CuBaN VeRcEttI CuBaN VeRcEttI 21 June

Design your wiki for Pride Month

Hello everyone!

Time always does fly and we’re facing the end of the Pride Month. As we announced three weeks ago, it’s been 21 days of celebration, discovery, visibility, product recommendations, absorbing discussions, fun and joy... but there is still more to come!

The Community Team is always trying to perform exciting 'only on Fandom' initiatives and experiences, and we also love to hear your opinion and suggestions for future plans! As a quick catch-up, for Pride Month we already launched the introductory blog post with recommendations. We also performed 2 roundtables on Discord with our favorite franchises, IPs and characters, and we have another two in the works for this week and the next one (and I definitely recommend you attend!). I…

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Pikushi Pikushi 15 June

Introducing Admin Plus!

It has been awesome to see the excitement surrounding the announcements we made at Community Connect, and I am excited to give you some details about one of these new experiences: Admin+! (Or A+, if you’re fancy.)

Throughout Community Central, we have plenty of guidelines and policies on what not to do as an admin - don’t overprotect pages, don’t act as the owner of a wiki, don’t play favorites, etc. We hope that these guidelines and policies have helped you facilitate a wiki and community, but we know that this doesn’t answer the other half of the question - what does it take to be a good admin?

This is a question we have received from users for years now, and honestly, it is great to hear because it shows how much you care about the commun…

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