• MisterWoodhouse

    Hey gang!

    What a month it’s been since we last… wait… it’s been 8 months since we did one of these? 2020, right?

    At the end of October and into early November, we held another one of our “edit jam” events, focusing on Halloween-related wikis. The event, Hocus Focus, was a lot of fun and helped improve 7 wikis. These “edit jams” are definitely a blast for us and we hope they are for you too!

    The Mandalorian returns and is still a monster hit, with the continued adventures of the eponymous bounty hunter and his little green friend sending Wookiepedia traffic way out beyond the Outer Rim!

    Wookieepedia has seen its traffic nearly double since Season 2 begin, which is a massive jump for one of our highest traffic wikis already. Some major fan favor…

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  • SpixNala101

    It's harder to use. Please bring back the original fandom where we could use classic rich text editor, see more badges on a user page (and not have the same name for each named badge), and fix the wiki activity. A lot of people dislike it!

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  • CLC2

    I'm leaving fandom for good

    December 2, 2020 by CLC2

    I’m leaving Fandom. I joined YTLW in 2016 as my old account CLC2. I was blocked by Beckham Wong.

    Despite amid COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) global pandemic (quarantine lockdown),

    It's been long time for 3 years since I joined Fandom.

    Back in post-Christmas 2019 or early-2020, I was thinking about globally disabling my account.

    Back in May-June 2020, Morver, Timeline and Cuberine both hacked by the Misdreavusfan09.

    Also i'm leaving Fandom. I'm feel like less interesting and more inactivity on this site to focus on other projects and career from now then on soon.

    So Stay Safe! Goodbye! Thank you for all of support. I'm now moving to ShoutWiki and will have spending time outside Fandom. 😎

    Beckham's Fandom Accounts, 2017-2020.

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  • Baghead11

    Elf-Man's words on UCP

    December 2, 2020 by Baghead11

    Hey, guys, I'm Baghead11, but right now I'm Elf-Man.

    I have been on FANDOM for about two years. What attracted me here first was The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki. Because I was a beginner, I loved the simple-ness of the editor and the way Recent Changes were put down. I grew attached to those all the way through my "career". I even now have my own wiki.

    However, my wiki will be migrating to UCP within the next few weeks. From what I have seen on other wikis, the UCP could really mess up my wiki. The staff from the Gumball Wiki hate the update. The editor is awful and complicated. Templates that were once employed do not work. Polls that were used day and night now do not work either. I've used Recent Changes all my time here, and now I cann…

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  • Headquarter8302

    Non-free fonts

    December 2, 2020 by Headquarter8302

    Recently after having a discussion about CSS Fonts and how to use them, I have encountered that not all fonts on Google Fonts (Font repository that Fandom recommends) is a freely usable Font, some of them even have a copyright license.

    As from that experience. I notify for all CSS editors, All Of You, to be careful in picking fonts for your wiki, as you can get an infringement.

    A note for a (possibly) non free font is pictured below:

    • Note that there is a Copyright (©) symbol in the title.
    • Note that the font belongs to MonoType.
    • Note that there is an external link symbol (highlighted on top-right corner).
    • Note that the font's license has an EULA. To put it simply, the EULA requires the main owner (in this case, Fandom) to pay the license of the …
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  • Pinoyaj1995

    Hello, everyone

    My name is AJ (aka.PinoyAj1995), I am 100% to look some logos online because I'm am really good at it, I'm going to report that TheRobloxGuy9009 for Blocking me for no reason, but TheRobloxGuy9009 Called me a "Sockpuppet" for nothing, I am not a Sockpuppet because, I read all Logopedia Rules online. I really hate calling me a Sockpuppet and I am a good person because I always enjoying the Logopedia for editing as a good ways, people all the Logopedia Admins keeps hating me for nothing about "Replacing SVG with PNG" on the logopedia. Promise I am not a Bad Person, would you like to help me and I'm going back to logopedia for editing again to solve a issue, but TheRobloxGuy9009 blackmailing me, banning me, hating me for stupid…

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  • LuigiMaster41

    Luigi's Mansion Wiki

    November 30, 2020 by LuigiMaster41

    Hello! I am LuigiMaster41, and I would like to present to you the Luigi's Mansion Wiki!

    The Luigi's Mansion Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the Nintendo series, Luigi's Mansion, where the main character is Mario's green-hatted brother that's always been under Mario's shadow, Luigi! However, this time, this series is his turn to shine! The wiki was created in 2010, and this year marks the 10th year of providing haunted content for all viewers!

    The main character of the series is Luigi, and it is mainly about exploring haunted mansions, and capturing different types of ghosts with brilliant inventions by the crazed professor, Professor Elvin Gadd. Such as the Poltergust 3000, 5000 and G-00 in three different games! The main antagonist is King Boo an…

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  • BaconBoi1111

    Hey guys, welcome to this blog! In this blog, I will be showing you how to show Leadership as Wiki Founder! Wiki Founders have an extra tag named “Founder”, together with Administrator (commonly referred as ()

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  • BaconBoi1111

    Hi, welcome to the blog! In here, you can find advice on how to be a good administrator for your favourite community!

    In order to become an administrator, you need to be a respectful member of the community. You might also need to be a moderator first, under circumstances, and it’s quite usual in some wiki communities. You also need a bureaucrat, or anyone with certain global roles, to promote you to administrator. You can also get the role by adopting an inactive wiki, or Creating a new Wiki (you get bureaucrat with administrator rights if you create a wiki, and sometimes you get it to if you adopt it). Personally I recommend you to be at an advanced level of editing before applying, or it might end up difficult for you.

    If you are now an adm…

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  • BaconBoi1111

    Hey there! Nothing much in this blog, just a Wiki Adoption Form Suggestion. If you’re a fandom staff, it would be appreciated if you update the Wiki Adoption Form. Thanks!

    • What is your username?
    • What is the topic about the wiki?
    • Present the link to the Wiki.
    • How many edits have you done on that wiki?
    • How long have you joined the wiki?
    • What would be your preferred role on the wiki?
    • How do you plan to improve the wiki?
    • Why do you want to improve the wiki?
    • When was the last edit made by an admin, and who was it?
    • State any other notes:

    BaconBoi1111 talk (

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