• Cdswalkthrough

    Hello I want to asked if there anybody has been block for unjustifiable reason when you haven't do anything badly to the wiki you were editing if you think you are then please answer what the given reason you were block for.

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  • KajiroArts2019
    NOTE: Do Not Attack Me For Making This Journal, It Was Just My Opinion And It Will NOT Be Disrespected, I Just Write This For People To Understand

    Hey guys, this is KajiroArts2019, and today I will explain why I'm not in a Cringe Culture, but this is to people who hate cringe, kinda with a burning passion

    As for me, a mature autistic artist, I use to credit an artist from DeviantArt and uploaders from YouTubers, that is what I do all the time, but for cringe culture, they can steal arts or videos and claim it as their own and giving people death threats (which is Kill Yourself, in case you guys are wondering) and spamming by saying "cringe", which is pissing me off

    And another thing is that sometimes they throw fits over stuff that they don't…

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  • Polaroide999

    teorias de Spore

    May 24, 2019 by Polaroide999




    OS GROX EXISTIAM EM SPORE   2005-2006-2007?

    como pode ver na foto os Grox 

    destruidor de galaxias ou demonio 

    das galaxias 

    poderia estar nas galaxias antigas

    a foto se destaca por ter uma galaxia 

    pequeneninha que parece MUITO MUITO

    com a galaxia do jogo original sera que os 

    Grox originarão de outra galaxia?


    bem nessa galaxia tudo seria mais dificil e hostil onde nenhum padrão ou regra não e quebrada 

    exemplo codigo galatico se voce quebra os Grox gostão mais de voce 

    exemplo 2  partes tecnologias e planeta natal roupas partes de criaturas novas fora do…

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  • Akbd001


    May 23, 2019 by Akbd001


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  • Eurbane

    My name is Eurbane. I got a new fandom site for Toonsylvania. here's the link: It's a tv series on fox kids about monsters and a lot of spooky stuff which aired for only 1998 and 1999. I made this fandom because no one else has done it yet and it's one of my intrested ideas. People want to join my community to learn more and toonslyvania. I just wrote some characters, all two seasons and it's vhs tape and it's toys from burger king. For the fandom, I want to make people instrested into toonslyvania in the future. People can help out by add more stuff into the wikia and the website will be a lot more fun.

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  • Toyahoi

    Wir haben nun also alle endlich erfahren wer hinter der Maske des Gargoyle-Königs steckt. Doch wie ich finde, steht dies nur an zweiter Stelle wenn man sich den Ausblick auf Staffel 4 anschaut. Das Staffelfinale lässt viele Fragen offen. 

    In der letzten Folge der 3. Staffel werden die vier Hauptdarsteller Archie, Veronica, Betty und Jughead vom Gargoyle-König herausgefordert und müssen die Nacht überleben, weshalb der Titel "Survive The Night" sehr treffend gewählt ist. Doch was bedeutet das Ende nun? Was wird uns in Staffel 4 erwarten und werden sich unsere Vermutungen tatsächlich bestätigen? 

    Rückblick auf das Staffelfinale: 

    Als Toni zu Penelope Blossom flieht, nutzt diese ihre Chance und schließt mit Edgar ein Tauschgeschäft ab. Betty gelangt in ih…

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  • PumpkinKnight

    Greetings! I'm Luciano, a.k.a. "PumpkinKnight", one of the admins of the Unreal Wiki (, a wiki dedicated to the Unreal videogame series by Epic Games. The wiki's origins can be found in 2007, when it began as a wiki dedicated only to the first game, but in recent years we've widened the scope in order to incorporate the rest of the series and create a comprehensive wiki about every detail regarding the series.

    The series takes place in the future, and each game has its own storyline, though the universe in which each storyline takes place is shared. Unreal and its expansion pack Return to Na Pali, for example, put the players in the skin of Prisoner 849, a prisoner of a crashed spaceship who struggles to escape from the planet Na…

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  • Mozart999

    I have been on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid wiki for over a month. I have been a major contributor, and as of this time I have made nearly 300 edits. However, there is very frequent vandalism. We have banned many users, only for more to return. One other user has made a record page on a different wiki. He has mentioned automatic vandalism blockers. I have suggested that they might be the same people making sock puppets, since they are very frequent and that they are targeting the same pages (especially the Manny Heffley page). We do not know how to deal with it because it is so rampant. But seriously, there are elementary school children visting the wiki, and they don't need to see things such as images of Rodrick raping Greg or Manny being a …

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  • Juliamartins14


    May 20, 2019 by Juliamartins14

    vcs gostam dqa cry blood?.....espero que sim bem eu tenho(vou fazer)uma wiki sobre ela entao esperem ate eu terminar ou atualizar

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hey editors!

    I’m Will. In the reorganization announcement, I was introduced as one of the Community Managers for the Gaming vertical. Since then, I’ve transitioned into a new role as the Global Community Lead, working on the Editor Experience team. Part of this role will be sharing new cross-vertical initiatives with you, like the two I’m announcing today!

    Since January, we have been studying unique aspects of Fandom and Gamepedia to discover opportunities to provide even better experiences on our wikis. One such aspect from Gamepedia that stood out as a great opportunity for Fandom was the Wiki Manager team. For those unfamiliar with Wiki Managers (WMs for short), they are part-time staff members assigned to specific wikis. They are here to…

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