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Thisismyrofl Thisismyrofl 4 April 2014

Creating a portable new-style infobox

Hey! This is Thisismyrofl, a former admin here on Community Central. I wanted to see if I could explain how to make an infobox in the "portable" new style of Template:Infobox.

I'm referring here to the default styles, that is, those that were on the Starter Pages Wiki's Template:Infobox page. For more information on the different default styles of Template:Infobox, see my other blog.

Making an infobox can seem intimidating at first but it's not too hard! Let's do it. First, let's decide where we want the infobox to be. Once we have a bare-bones infobox at that location, we can customize it to our needs.

The whole point of the new infobox system is that you don't directly use Template:Infobox, but rather, you copy it to a new location and adapt it. L…

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