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BaconBoi1111 BaconBoi1111 28 November 2020

How to build a successful Community

Hello, welcome to this blog! I’m going to give some advice on how to build a successful community! Most of the newly-made community running on Unified Community Platform gives default Wiki Rules, and a Main Page design.

  • 1 Before you Start
  • 2 Make the articles!
  • 3 Customise!
  • 4 Advertise and share!
  • 5 Create a Profile!

Think of a topic and a good name for your wiki! For example, a better name for “Guides and Tutorials Wiki” can be “Community Development Help Wiki” (don’t try that out, there is already Fandom Developers Wiki, please). You can also plan out what are you going to include in the wiki!

First, create your main page! It is the key page, as new and visiting people will definitely reach this page first. Give an introduction, description, and some o…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 6 May 2019

How to make a JS based bot

Today we shall be learning how to create a bot using JavaScript (JS) to help with mass edits on a wiki. Specifically in two areas: the mass categorisation of images and adding licensing templates to them to demonstrate first hand how helpful bots are, and to significantly improve a Wiki.

  • 1 How bots can help
  • 2 Step 1 Create your bot
  • 3 Step 2: Add the JavaScript you like
  • 4 Practice Makes Perfect, Add the Images to their Second Category!
  • 5 All done!

To illustrate mass editing first hand, this blog post shall detail using one to add images into categories as well as add licensing templates to them on the Banana Fish Wiki. Carrying out this task manually without a bot would involve choosing one image at a time on an image gallery page, scrolling down to c…

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PawPatrolZuma PawPatrolZuma 29 March 2019

Help with wikis (more contributors/users)

Hey it's Zuma from a bunch of wikis.

If anyone is available, I'd like help on these wikis:

  • Swaggy Wolfdog wiki (About the famous Instagram and Tik Tok star who's owner goes by Swagrman)
  • Lil Xan wiki (About the rapper who has songs like "Betrayed" and "Tree Sap")
  • Lil Pump wiki (About the rapper who has songs like "Be Like Me" and "Boss")
  • 6ix9ine wiki (About the rapper who has songs like "STOOPID" and "FEFE")
  • Trippie Redd wiki (About the rapper who has songs like "Dark Knight Dummo" and "Poles1469")


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Nintendon't Nintendon't 24 March 2019

Fanon Memes and Streams

Hi everyone.I would like to share my new project, The Awedosauce Wiki. I'm making this so you can parody Vinesauce and even - make up your own memes and streams! It's centered around Awedosauce, who commonly copies Vinesauce. Awedosauce is older because it was made in 2007 while Vinesauce was made in 2010. It's also Tsukiese. It's streamer is an 16 year old girl called Koe Dorui (o has the line accent but im too lazy).

When i created this blog i designed the main page, but i'm planning to create SIuterBIooter, 8 Grand Ma's and No hacer's page.

It's at

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Sebastian Clarke Sebastian Clarke 3 March 2019

Lessa Wiki

Hello everyone!

My name is Sebastian, and I'm an active contributor/admin on the Lessa Wiki.

You've probably seen me around the forums, asking for help on templates and participating in general merrymaking. When I'm not derailing threads, I'm usually editing Lessa Wiki, a site I adopted at the start of the year.

The wiki's aim is to provide detailed information about all aspects of the Lessa Manhwa, from the characters and chapters, to the world and weaponry. The first two seasons have been officially translated on Line Webtoon, with a third season being released in Korean, on Naver.

We're aiming to transform our site into a comprehensive guide for all things Lessa and build a community around this wonderful series. So far, the wiki has had a …

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CJRichards CJRichards 12 January 2019

Why Staff Generally Don't Close Wikis


As you probably know that users contact staff using the contact form as that is where it is meant to go. As some people know the request gets rejected. So I will tell you why it some times get rejected and some times why it gets approved.

So what does "Closing A Wiki" mean? Closing a wiki means that the wiki is deleted and can never be recovered if you haven't requested it to be open again in about 3 days maximum. You can request a wiki to be open and closed through the Contact Form.

The wiki may be a Spam wiki- This means that the wiki is/was created to be a wiki full of vandalism and fake information.

The wiki may have a few pages- If the pages have about 3 pages only then staff may close the wiki.

The wiki may be inactive- This means tha…

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Eco The LeafWing-HiveWing Eco The LeafWing-HiveWing 5 January 2019

Eco's Wild Wiki

Are you interested in the wilderness? At Eco's Wild Wiki, the jungle is the main theme! We have articles about the real jungle, but also some articles with lots of imagination, like created animals and even dragons! I created this wiki because of my love of nature, and at the wiki, that's the exact vibe you get.

The wiki runs smoothly with our trusted powerusers, and we have fun contests that you can win prizes from! 

Currently, there are 25 pages at Eco's Wild Wiki, but it continues to grow. There's always things to do, like editing articles to make them even better, have discussions about favorite animals (but discussions aren't limited to that!), socializing with other users, create your own sona out of a junlgle animal, and much more! 


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TrumpetofTheSwan TrumpetofTheSwan 2 January 2019

Like Theories About Doctor Who? (Repost)

Note: Reposting because the original didn't show up on the "recent posts" page and I'm hoping it will if I leave out all other tags.There's no real way for people to get to "wiki promotions", so having it under that catagory ensures nobody will see it.

"Well, well, well, a wiki dedicated to fan theories", you say? Even restricted to one fandom, that may sound like an insanely difficult task. After all, fans are coming up with new theories all the time. How will we keep up? Will we document every theory regardless of merit? What's the point? These are questions that may or may not be streaming through your mind right now (I know they come up in mine from time to time). They are legitimate questions, and I will attempt to answer them, justify…

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BlueArcher21 BlueArcher21 26 December 2018

The CW Wiki is in Need on Contributors

Hello, Wikians! My name is Aidan, aka BlueArcher21, and I'm an active bureaucrat of The CW Wiki.

The wiki's mission is to provide sufficient information about the television shows that take place on The CW Network. The CW is an American broadcasting network generally aimed towards young adult audiences. The network currently houses twenty TV series including The 100, Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale, Supernatural, and many more.

In order to reach our goal of transforming our website into an adequate encyclopedic resource, we require a good handful of contributors who are willing to help and have knowledge about The CW Television Network.

If you have an interest in television or any television series that take place on The CW, you should consider joinin…

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Technobliterator Technobliterator 20 December 2018

Data-Oriented Infoboxes

Most infoboxes summarize an article. By surfacing a few facts, they let readers quickly understand a subject.

However, particularly on gaming wikis, infoboxes can be much more data-oriented. Infoboxes on these communities are responsible for serving up actual statistics — and it makes them much larger. This kind of data-driven infobox may require you, as an admin, to adopt a different approach.

This blog will explain how to make your data-oriented infoboxes most useful for readers.

Organization instantly improves your infoboxes. Group related statistics together, making sure that the most important statistics go first.

Let’s say you’re designing an infobox for a unit in Dungeons & Dragons. You should lay out the stats the same way the Monster Man…

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