• Derekblue1

    Greetings, fellow users. Today, I will showcase MarioWiki, the Super Mario encyclopedia on Fandom.

    MarioWiki is a collaborative Super Mario encyclopaedia that started on July 15, 2007. MarioWiki is about all of Nintendo's Mario games. We have more than 8,000 articles related to the Mario series and the games.

    Most users spend their time talking about Mario on discussions while a few users carry the weight of MarioWiki by editing articles. As a result, more article duties build up. We are looking for more passionate Mario fans and editors on this site interested to help us out.

    In 2007, Phil.e. founded MarioWiki.

    In 2008, Due to the lack of active administrators, Phil.e. promoted TheMG and Count Caterpie as administrators.

    On 2011, MarioWiki had i…

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  • Magma MK-II

    Because I feel like the Source Editor is getting the short straw of the UCP updates in lieu of the Visual editor, I guess I should leave some feedback about things that need to be added and/or improved to it. Source Editor is what the majority of veteran editors use to edit and shouldn't be left behind.

    One of the best conveniences of the Legacy editor was the ability to type in a hyperlink or template and the system would attempt to autocomplete it based on existing pages/templates on the wiki. I really wish this can be implemented on UCP.

    On Legacy there is a special field on the right panel where you can automatically add categories to a page without having to type them on the main page's body. UCP has something similar, but for whatever …

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  • Nintendon't


    August 6, 2020 by Nintendon't




    help :(

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  • ComboLuigi2000

    Yeah, yeah, I have made two previous posts regarding the cons of UCP, but it seems that no one is responding. Anyway, I will just elaborate my opinion in this blog post, and hopefully it will be understandable.

    Many companies make mistakes that could remove a huge chunk of people from their communities. For example, YouTube removes Community Captions and DeviantArt adds Eclipse. What about FANDOM? It's no exception. I'm not asking any of the staff to take it personally, but the so-called United Community Platform is going to wipe out a chunk of FANDOM's community. Despite the big amount of people who oppose the UCP with legitimate reasons, FANDOM seems only to be focused on the side who are looking towards UCP.

    • There is a bar at the top with…

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  • Celestialfyre

    Yeah okay so:

    What's with bashing and being rude everytime the UCP comes up? Whatever happened to constructive critique? We need more than "blah blah Fandom dying we deserve better rude comment blah". Honestly, the biggest reason that the changes (that some have valid reasons to disagree with) are under fire is becuase people seriously like voicing their opinions. Loudly. And if the rest of us want to give constructive critique and ways to improve- drowned out in the sea of  negative noise. This has happened on FR and several other sites that occasionally roll out "unpopular" updates. Noise.

    The soloution is not to shout louder. If you want Fandom to "get better" be polite, read the ENTIRE post before commenting, and think about your words. …

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  • Kylie Jenner's Secret Baby

    Hey everyone! So, since many communities are being moved to the UCP platform, I thought I'd talk about UCP in this blog post.

    A few users are excited about UCP, but many are sad to see the legacy platform go. In this blog post, I will be listing all the pros and cons of UCP I have encountered so far.

    • UCP is easier to update.
    • UCP has less glitches.
    • You don't have to add to a page if there are references present in UCP, it does that by default.

    • UCP's sidebar displays the same page multiple times if it is edited multiple times, obscuring other pages that were recently edited, forcing you to check the Recent Changes page to see other recent edits.
    • When editing an infobox in the visual editor in UCP, you have to keep clicking add more information to…

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  • JohnHope1

    ALITA: Battle Angel

    August 5, 2020 by JohnHope1

    Of course, ALITA also naturally raises the question of whether you should know the source material or whether a film has to stand alone if you want to look at it objectively. Of course, ideal is a healthy middle ground, which does not raise any questions or leave open questions for the inexperienced viewer, and the easy integration of elements that the fan can enjoy. This is exactly the case with ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. It offers 122 minutes of spectacle, with a little bit of depth, spares the audience with endless action sequences as advertised, but sets them carefully and not distributed over the film for the sake of worth watching. And while, to be honest, the more undemanding Saturday evening audience is having fun, you can literally feel…

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  • SigmaHero045

    Hello FANDOM council

    I am here to plead for the restoration of my deleted wiki

    The fandom is part of a small niche that was meant to generate interest in history matters on this wiki creating site. I agree that I put too much restrictions for such an early wiki to generate interest and will correct that. Those rules where put in place so to avoid vandalism on articles of such an era that historical revisionists love to sabotage to propagate ideologies (just look at Wikipedia for such cases). They were also put in place in the hope of being one day recognized by scholars as reliable for its professionalism and by the public as a source of trusthwor…

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  • ComboLuigi2000

    Isn't this a repost? Yes, but I used slashes on the title so it couldn't be put up.

    Ok, here's my ideas on what should be changed on UCP, I just really hate the new format, so I think some things really should be changed. I just feel that FANDOM Staff should take these into consideration. Also, this list may be outdated, because that's what I've seen from UCP so far...

    • Less Modernization - The style needs to be changed. It should be a combination of the current style and the UCP style, as the current UCP style looks extremely modern. I'm fine with some things like modern buttons. However, at least adapt some of the things from FANDOM's current style.
    • MediaWiki on Messages and Comments - I dislike the current commenting system. It is hard to us…

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  • Hyoroemon

    Useful wikia format

    July 26, 2020 by Hyoroemon

    redirect Paste in new page body

    using this won't create sanbox as subpage, not Read more >
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