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Where can I see the new look?

We've begun the first public rollout, so you can see it now! Visit our central resource to learn how to switch to the new look, see the list of featured wikis, and learn more.

How can I see the new look?

If you have an existing Wikia account you'll need to login and go to Preferences -> Skin and check "New Wikia Look."

Will any of my content, edits or badges be changed or lost?

Definitely not! All of your content, edits and badges will be moved over to the new skin.

What features will not be a part of the new look?

We have identified some features on Wikia that are underutilized across the site, and so will not become a part of the new look. These include:

  • The widget dashboard (including the shoutbox)
  • Problem Reports
  • “Email a user” link
  • Myhome has become the Wiki Activity
  • Page ratings

We may identify a few other features that are not used widely across Wikia and therefore may not be included in the new design. We’ll continue to update the FAQ as these are identified.

Can I keep my color scheme?

Yes. The new design will be fully customizable, and our new theme designer will make it even easier to create a look you’ll love on your wiki. We will also offer a bunch of brand new preset themes you can choose from.

How has the skin width changed? Why?

We have decided to move Wikia to a fixed width. Fixed width allows for greater compatibility with a variety of screen resolutions and monitor sizes so that wiki content, including tables, infoboxes, etc., are consistent. So anything that you design on the page will now be what the reader sees. Shorter line lengths make it easier to read pages, encouraging visitors to stay on the page longer and read more. It also works well with the overall design and complements the standard ad units on the page. We’ve found that overall, fixed width simply looks better.

Where can I find my wiki logo?

The wiki logo is now a “wordmark.” This is automatically generated for new wikis with the name chosen by the founder. (Previously, the default was the Wikia logo.) Founders and admins can change this wordmark by adjusting the text, color, or by uploading an image in the theme designer.

What skins are supported?

We are keeping the Monobook skin for the time being as an admin option for Uncyclopedia and its sister projects. We are also allowing it as a personal user choice for those that prefer to view Wikia sites in that format. However, as a company we cannot afford to continue to support older versions of our design. If we allowed all outdated skins, there would be at least 5 very different looks in which our technical and community teams would have to invest time and energy to support. Monaco is also by nature a complex, sophisticated skin that requires more resources to run correctly.

What is the name of the new skin?

The new skin is simply called Wikia. It's Wikia’s fundamental design, so no name needed.

How has sitenotice changed?

The community corner has now replaced the sitenotice as the place for community announcements. Users will receive a notification bubble each time this is updated. To edit the community corner you must be an admin on your wiki and edit MediaWiki:Community-messages.

Where are interlanguage links?

Interlanguage links are now shown below the categories. By default only the first three language links are shown to reduce link clutter. If an article has more than three interlanguage links you can show all links by clicking on the text "... see all".

Is the answers skin changing also?

Right now it is staying as is. Eventually we will be modifying it to work on new skin, but there is no schedule for that yet.

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