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Highlights of the changes we've made in the new look:

  • Navigation: We’ve made it clearer and more focused and introduced better navigation between wikis. This new look has a horizontal navigation that’s easy to find and easy to use as visitors move around your wiki.
  • Layout. We’ve given the site a cleaner layout, with fixed page width, new fonts, and a right-hand column known as the sidebar. We’ll be developing handy new modules for the sidebar as time goes on. We've introduced a new tool called Theme Designer which allows anyone to customize their wiki with colors and images -- without needed knowledge of CSS.
  • Community activity. We want visitors to understand that wikis are ever-changing, collaborative communities. New users aren’t always aware of where to look for activity, so we developed tools to better surface all of your contributions and interactions.
  • Toolbar. The floating toolbar anchors at the bottom of your screen and stays with you as you scroll -- so you’ll never be without it! This contains some popular tools and a customizable section for your personal tool choices.
  • Notifications. The toolbar also functions as your Notification Center. Notices here will tell you when you have new messages from other members, admins on your wiki, or from us.

Why did Wikia update its look?

It was time for an upgrade! We wanted to give Wikia an up-to-date look that enhances every wiki and encourages new users to join the site. We love being the best place for gaming and entertainment information, but we want to expand our success to other topics and types of communities. Our goal is to be a place that attracts the widest possible range of people to read, write, and connect.

When will the new look be on all of Wikia?

October 6, 2010
  • The new look will continue to be default for logged-out users on the beta wikis
  • All logged in users will be able to “switch on” the new look for themselves on any wiki they visit.
  • All new wikis created will automatically use the new look.
  • Every wiki in the Wikia Lifestyle Hub will showcase the new look.
October 20, 2010 *
  • All users will see the new look on every wiki.
  • Logged in users will have the temporary option of viewing and editing wikis in Monaco.
November 3, 2010
  • The option to use Monaco will be removed.

* Please note that this timeline does not include non-English wikis, which will require translation. We will announce the international transition plan in the coming weeks.

Features have moved to new locations. Can you show me where?

We changed the location of many features to improve usability. We’ve created a map and a detailed key that pinpoints their location, which you can find here.

New Look Map

Are there help pages I can look at to help me redesign my wiki?

We have created a Transition Guide that include a best practices page with advice on how to modify your wiki to look great in the new look. This is a work in progress, so stop by often to read the latest tips.

Have my preferences changed?

The ability to select a personal preference theme for Monaco caused a lot of confusion. One misclick from a confused user, and all careful customization became invisible to them. So instead, all users will now see the theme chosen by the wiki admins.

Will I be able to use all the same tools I use today?

The vast majority of the tools you use on Wikia today will remain on the new skin. You’ll still be able to add content, images, leave messages and much more. We have also added a couple of new tools, such as My Tools and theme designer, to help improve in your wiki experience.

Where can I give my feedback?

You can send a message to us at Special:Contact to report bugs and provide your feedback (which we thank you for in advance!).

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