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[[pt:Atualizações técnicas dos apps]]
[[pt:Atualizações técnicas dos apps]]
[[zh:App 技術更新]]
[[zh:App 技術更新]]
[[vi:Cập nhật kỹ thuật ứng dụng]]

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FANDOM's mobile apps are available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Community Apps: New Features

Full article: Community Apps
Android Version 2.9.6 (Feb 2nd) iOS Version 2.9 (Jan 11th)
  • Allow moderators for category edits
  • Fixed Youtube issues in Discussions
  • Exclude the apps from invite friends dialogs
  • A few app title and description typos get fixed.
  • All community apps with image upload enabled now support GIF images.
  • Image upload is now enabled for all communities with Discussions.

Newly Added Community Apps

We are releasing new apps for the following communities:

(Note: We're currently unable to release new apps to the Apple App store. That's why you'll only find new releases on Android for the time being.)

FANDOM App: New Features

Full article: FANDOM App
Android Version 0.6.5 (March 28th) iOS Version 1.5.4 (March 31th)
  • Small bug fixes including improved universal ad experience
  • Supported content curated templates/cards including quotes, single statements, etc.
  • Video player provides quality selections.
  • Bug fixes, including a fix for users seeing empty content feed after following the topics
  • Feed are refreshed automatically when users log in every time.
  • Users are able to log in with Google accounts.
  • A few small bug fixes
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