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Adoption requests Xenosaga Wiki (2)

What is your username? Abearhead, but Tanyuu is the one who should get admin status, I'm just the one filling the form out. See the discussion thread linked below.

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki? 144 apparently?

How many days/months have you been editing there? A few days, but I've been lurking there for months.

On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it? Shockstorm, who last editted 23:49, September 21, 2016. There are a number of other admins who are years idle.

Any other information: So this wiki is undergoing quite the crisis right now. There are only two active contributors left: myself, and AlexShepherd. The problem is that AlexShepherd drove off every other active contributor by constantly arguing edits, harassing users, refusing to stop when asked, and so on. Shockstorm had banned him, but the ban appears to have expired since then, and Shockstorm hasn't been seen since.

Additionally, the wiki has several years-inactive admins that need to be removed.

The two other active users of the wiki are not major contributors anymore. Brevantes, and Tanyuu. But for the purposes of this adoption I think they should be the admins, in replacement of all the inactive ones.

An attempt at a public discussion was started, and so far Tanyuu is the only legitimate candidate to speak up:

Another problem is that AlexShepherd is a user with a long history of bans on multiple Wikias. You may recall the great Silent Hill Wiki meltdown which earned him a global ban (if not, google it), which seems to have expired since. Not factoring this, a number of the edits he's made on the Xenosaga Wiki contain material that shouldn't be there (bestiality, religious and political opinions, fan-theories, etc.), and we're having a very hard time fixing it without him starting edit wars. It's going to take us a very long time to screen his thousands of edits to find all of the wrongdoings. Finally, he is a former admin of this wiki who was fired and banned for abusing his position. No one knows how he got unbanned since the admins went missing.

Worst of all, he's taken to harassing users on their walls and not stopping when asked. He's done this to four walls so far, mine included.

... to make a long story short, the most active contributor has turned the wiki into a hellscape, and we have no active admins to help moderate the situation.

EDIT: Brevantes says that if you guys can resolve this without the need for us to spend several weeks trying to find an active admin, it'd save everyone some time.

EDIT^2: So after spending all day cleaning up articles on the wiki, I've run across no less than five articles where a certain user had inserted themes of pedophilia, orgies, rape and bestiality. This is quickly escalating and I can't stress enough how badly we need to be given the power to resolve this and prevent this user from continuing to make such edits.

EDIT^3: one of the current admins of the Silent Hill wiki says he will vouch for the accusations against AlexShepherd and provide Wikia staff with any and all information they want on the matter, including the identity of sockpuppet accounts created by AlexShepherd to defend him/affect votes in his favor.

Tanyuu can make their own request when they are ready. -- Wendy (talk 18:38, August 18, 2017 (UTC)