Adoption requests The Masked Singer Wiki

What is your username?: Magitroopa

Please link to the wiki here:

How many edits have you made on that wiki?: 421

How many days/months have you been editing there?: since January 3, 2019

On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins when was the last time an admin edited, and who was it?: Mrsfancy is the only admin/mod, and actually is the creator/founder/bureaucrat of the Wiki. Founded the Wiki on January 3, 2019 and last edited on February 20, 2019.

Any other information: Yes actually- there is currently an ongoing argument of edits going on between me and another user who just joined tonight (September 22/23). Since joining, the user has been completely changing up tables to only the way they see fit, vandalizing pages with unnecessary edits (like this, and has been constantly renaming/redirecting pages, creating a loophole of pages for different articles that it is now impossible to follow.

I know this adoption request is likely to be rejected, but if this is the wrong way to go about solving the issues of the Wiki, please direct me to the correct place. There is currently no admin/staff involved with the Wiki, and I'm the only one who has been consistently editing/updating the Wiki. With no staff at all there, this 'war'/argument could go on forever with no one helping. There is also a few other members on the wiki, but don't really edit that much (1, 2 for examples)

I would love to get this solved sooner than later, as season 2 premieres this week and it will be impossible to edit the Wiki cleanly with the user reverting my edits, and a third season premieres in February.

Only other concern would be the You are not currently blocked on another FANDOM project for adoption eligibility- I was blocked on a few Wikis by the same user (the same user runs/is an admin on all of them), but it is a user who likes things the way they see fit, even if the edits are legitimately fixing the page up. (I have also found out since that the same user is blocked indefinitely on multiple accounts/sockpuppets on Wikipedia)

I sincerely hope to get this sorted out soon, and that there can be some sort of staff on the Wiki to actually clean things up. Thank you.

EDIT: Would also like to add on an example of what all the page redirects/renaming has now done. Clicking "Season 1" under the "Seasons" tab at the top of the Wiki now leads to this as a result of all the redirects/renames. And again, there is currently no staff on the Wiki other than the founder who lasted edited in February, so unless the loophole of redirects/renames are followed to the source and all are deleted/fixed up, there is currently no way to fix it all
EDIT #2: Sorry but my signatures have not been working here for some reason, but all messages thus far are by myself, Magitroopa. I just wanted to add in a link of the response I sent to the user regarding everything going on. I am hoping he will respond and hopefully we can solve all of this up easily, but I just wanted to include the link as I believe it is the best explanation (even better than everything I wrote here), so please check that as well. Thank you.
Hello. Your contributions look good, but you have open conflicts with other users. Before to accept your request, I suggest to you contact to the staff and check if that user is using multiple accounts and if your block wasn't fair in the others communities. Also, talk to the other users (even if they aren't too active) to get them involved in the community, and join too in the discussions about how the content should be added. Let's solve previous problems before to accept this request. Antonio R. Castro (contact me) FandomStaff.png Staff 15:07, September 24, 2019 (UTC)
Thank you for the response, I just want to make some things clear about this- I am currently talking with FANDOM staff about the other community blocks, but wanting to make it clear that the user(s) who blocked me in those communities and the one making massive changes on The Masked Singer Wiki are two completely different cases, as the user possibly using multiple accounts was only about the You are not currently blocked on another FANDOM project. I will definitely give them more information on that.
There seem to be more people joining the Wiki now- no clue if it's because this new editor told them about this or not, but I did have more discussions with this user, and I really don't think their stance will be changing anytime soon. I've tried to explain to them (what a FANDOM staff member actually agreed with) that they just joined and in the first few edits, already made huge changes without discussing/talking with others about it first. However, they are now taking it as a, "you consider yourself only the community. You think you should be the only one," and, "this how you treat new users to the wiki?", saying that I am not kind at all. I really don't think their stance on page naming will be changing anytime soon, and I think they don't care what I say and will continue to make massive changes anyway. They are also discussing with other members about the page renamings, saying things such as, "I think it looks better and is more detailed...", seemingly thinking that this is the way it should be and that what I say doesn't matter whatsoever.
I really hope you understand, it doesn't seem very fair that after editing since the Wiki first started, I must now abide by what this user says/does, even if they are completely new to the Wiki. Thank you.
Little update, we seem to be doing much better now. As I noted in my recent response, I'm sure we can do some cleanup of the redirects/links at the top of the Wiki once the adoption process is fully complete.
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