wiki? 774 edits in total for the wikia, including creating major pages and eoblox wikia's here about adopting.

There haages being created on the wikia, and a few users have been leaving mean comments and bad discussions. There has also been a lot of trolling on different page comments. They have started to make new accounts to try and disguise themselves, but without active moderators (none), or admins, the wikia is left to the mercy of those sorts of people. If I don't get permission to adopt it I hope someone else does because it is getting really out of hand and nothing is being done by our Admin. I really want to clean the wikia up, and add new CSS because the site is rather basic for a large and popular roblox game.

So i'm applying for admin and Bureaucrat rights for these reasons. It's hard to get any sort of response out of our admin and she is very inactive.

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**Update (4/4/19): The admin had returned the day of the original adoption request and became active after making a few updates to articles, and promoting me as well as another user to content and discussions moderators. They have since disappeared again with no response to my posts on their talk page. Their profile description states they will only return for massive vandalism issues, which they have not done. The wikia has had massive vandalism issues over the last few weeks with many images being replaced with NSFW ones, and I've had to contact VSTF each time to get the users banned. I have left several messages to the admin in the last couple of weeks and there has been no word for blocking the users that had vandalised, or even improvements to outdated aspects of the wikia. I believe our current Admin is unwilling to be active on the wikia even though wikis need active Admins/Bureaucrats. I was advised by Kirkburn to update this adoption request or to contact you on your message wall.

Hello. As your update states, the bureaucrat is currently active, so the wiki is not eligible for adoption. You'll have to contact the bureaucrat about getting admin rights. JoePlay FandomStaff.png (talk) 16:29, March 20, 2019 (UTC)
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