Would you like to adopt a wiki that's not mainly about a TV show or movie, anime series or video game? If so, you're in the right place! But we don't allow adoptions of personal wikis — and we might deny an application for a very obscure wiki.
To submit a new adoption request, first make sure that you meet all our requirements. Then, type the name of the wiki in the input box below and click Add new request. Fill in the form that appears and click Submit to create your request.
This form works best on a computer or tablet.
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  • If an adoption request already exists for a wiki you wish to adopt, please add a number inside parentheses at the end of the wiki's name, like My Great Wiki (2). This helps us keep things straight — and searchable!
  • Once an adoption request has been closed, staff members no longer monitor it, so further messages left there won't be seen. Instead, send a direct message to the staff member who last responded to your request.
  • Your request may take up to a full week to process.

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