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Adoption requests Last Oasis Wiki

What is your username? The steamtrain

What kind of user rights do you want to get? Administrator

How many days have you edited the wiki in the past 10 days? 6

On the Special Pages → Special:ListAdmins, how many admins have been active in the past 60 days? 0

Comments/Reasons for adoption: Last Oasis is an MMO and since the playerbase was draining to only 200 players online on steamcharts the developers have revamped the entire game making the current version of the wiki useless and with all admins who made the wiki moving on from Last Oasis I'm working on getting the pages up to date and giving them a better look. At the moment I'm waiting on a developer response to get the icons for all the Schematics (a new obtainable item to the game) and in a week someone else should have more time to work on the wiki as well

Is there a Discussion with community vote about adoption? If yes, provide a link

Hello. Your contributions look good, and I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with the wiki! –ReverieCode 08:47, 8 August 2022 (UTC)